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1860 - 1920
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Some of the census columns have been cropped out.
It is not known yet exactly when Michael and Margaret came to the United States, nor is it known whether they were married when they arrived. I have not found anything yet in the 1850 census. The first direct evidence we have is an entry in the 1860 census (see below). Since James is already three, it seems clear that Michael and Margaret were married by 1857 at the latest, and they were in New York by that time, since James was born in New York. The other piece of evidence comes from Margaret's answer to the 1900 census; there we find that she has been in the United States for 50 years, having arrived in 1850 from Ireland where she was born.
Esopus, Ulster County, page 258
Michael Fay 35 Laborer born Ireland value of Personal Estate $50
Margaret 30 born Ireland
James 3 born NY
Patrick 6 mo born NY
Cristopher Dermy 35 Laborer born Ireland
Kingston, Ulster County, page 249
Michael Fay 45
Margaret 40
James 13
Patrick 10
John 8
Michsel 6
Mary 3
Jane 6 mo born in June
Ulster, Ulster County, page 448C
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Michael FAY Self M M W 60 IRE Occ: Laborer Fa: IRE Mo: IRE
Margaret FAY Wife F M W 50 IRE Occ: Keeping House Fa: IRE Mo: IRE
Patrick J. FAY Son M S W 20 NY Occ: Laborer Fa: IRE Mo: IRE
John W. FAY Son M S W 18 NY Occ: Laborer Fa: IRE Mo: IRE
Michael J. FAY Son M S W 15 NY Occ: Laborer Fa: IRE Mo: IRE
Mary A. FAY Dau F S W 13 NY Fa: IRE Mo: IRE
Twenty years later, in 1900, there have been many changes. Not only is Margaret now a widow, but her children have grown up and have their own families; her daughter, in fact, married, had three children, and is now herself a widow. Margaret is living with her now. It is from THIS census that we find out when Margaret came here. We also learn that Margaret had 10 children, of whom only four are now living (names have been found only for six: James, Patrick, John, Michael, Mary, Jane). One of the interesting things about this family is that all four children are still living close to their original home.
Ulster Township, Ulster County, Election Districts 1&2, sheets no. 3B and 4
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In 1920, Margaret's family is still together in Ulster. Michael J., John and Patrick live very close to each other. All those with outside work seem to work in the brickyards or cigar factory, and most are employed. The handwriting is a bit difficult to read; a couple of the young men may be working on the river. I haven't found Mary Henebery yet. There seems to be another Fay family in the area; Mike/James Fay and wife Agnes. It is not clear where they fit.
Ulster Township, Ulster County, Election District 3, pages 2A, 2B, 6A
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