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Michael and Margaret Fay and their Descendants
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Ulster County, NY, in 1897, by Rand McNally
image copyright 2002 by Cartography Associates
used with permission
Census Evidence
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Michael Fay born 1820 in Ireland
+Margret Fay born February 1832 in Ireland; came to the US in 1850
James Fay, born about 1857 in NY
Patrick Fay, born February 1860 in NY, married about 1888
+Margret, born May 1862
Michael, born August 1888 (died WWI)
Stephen, born December 1890
Annie(?), born November 1892
+Pete Ahl
John P. Fay, born October 1894
John P. Fay Jr. (married, 3 children)
Robert Fay (married)
Mary, born Sept 1897 (died young)
Margret, born Dcember 1899 (died young)
John Fay, born April 1862, married about 1891
+Anna, born April 1872
Margret, born Dec 1892
James, born November 1893
Richard, born Sept. 1896
John, about 1901
Margarete, about 1902
Marie about 1905
Richard, about 1908
Frank, about 1910
Michael J. Fay, born July 1864, age 35, married about 1888
+Ellen Carroll, born January 1870
Margret, born January 1889
William, born April 1893
John Ott
Maryann Shultis
Michael, about 1902
Jennie, about 1904
George, about 1906
Thomas, about 1907
Margaret, about 1909
Agnes, about 1915
Mary Fay, born May 1867
Katie born October 1888
Richard, born August 1890
John J. (Jr.?), born October 1892
Jane Fay, born June 1870
The dates written with "about" are calculations based on the ages which are given in the 1920 census. The dates without that are based on dates given in the 1900 census. Both should be taken as an approximation needing further confirmation.