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Otis Converse Fay (1825 - 1911)
And his Descendants
Foster Otis Fay
What was the name of Foster's wife?

In 1906, on her marriage record, she is called Ethel Rogers Lewis
In 1908, on her daughter's birth certificate, she is called Lillian Rogers
In 1910, on the birth certificate of her son, she is called Ethel Rogers
In the Norwood cemetery records she is listed as Lillian E. Fay
On her gravestone stands Ethel L.
What we know of her ancestry is as follows:

Obediah Newcomb Hoar married Mary Allison Hoar (1/4/1849)

Martha Jane 17 in 1861 = 1844
Amy 14 in 1861 = 1847
Stephen 10 in 1861 = 1851
Alfretta 8 in 1861 = 1853 but 16 in 1871 = 1855
Mary 4 in 1861 = 1857
Neamiah 9 in 1871 = 1862

Note that the dates are not consistent; one wonders if the marriage date should have been 1843; that would explain the birth of the first child in 1844, and it is easy to confuse the numbers "3" and "9". Likewise, if Alfretta had actually been "6" in 1861, the numbers would agree, and "6" and "8" are similar. Note the different spellings of Alpharetta.
Alpharetta Hoar married Robert Lewis (9/4/1873)

Winnie B. Lewis, 1883
Ethel Rogers Lewis, 1885
Details and Documents
Obediah Hoar of Salisbury parish married Mary A Mills of Moncton parish on January 4, 1849.

In 1861 census, same parish, Alfretta is listed as the 8 year old daughter of Obidiah Newcomb Hoar aged 43 and Mary Allison Hoar aged 40.

In the 1861 census, Alfretta was sibling to Amy 14, Martha Jane 17, Stephen 10 and Mary 4.

In 1871 census, the only addition to Obediah's household was Neamiah who appears as a 9 year old female. Alfretty appears as 16 year old.

Robert Lewis and Alpharetta Hoar married Sept 4,1873. Both were from Salisbury parish.

They had two children (at least):
Winnie B. Lewis, born 1883, Lewis Mountain, NB
Ethel Rogers Lewis, born 1885, Salisbury, NB