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Bernard R Lentz, born 10/2/1862 in De Witt, IA, died 3/1/1948, was married on 9/8/1886, in Petersville, Clinton County, IA, to Margaret L. Fay, born 12/1869, died 5/19/1931.
Who were Margaret Fay's parents?
In the 1900 census, the family is living in Beaver Township, Boone County, Iowa.

Bernard R. Lentz, born in Iowa in October of 1862, and Margaret L., born in New York of a father who is said to have come from Ireland and a mother from New York, have been married 14 years. Margaret was born December 1869; she is now 30. Of 14 children born to the couple, 7 are living and still with their parents: Lorath; Ursla; Bernard; Gertrude; George; Charles and Cecila.
Her obituary spells her last name "Faye" and seems to point to a birth date of 1868.
Many efforts have been made to track Margaret Fay. If in fact the census was correct, and her father was born in Ireland, then she is not a descendant of John of Marlborough. However, there is a possibility that the census was not correct.

1886 thru 1892 lived in Clinton Co. Iowa
1893 thru 1913 lived in Boone Co. Iowa
1914 thru 1931 lived in Chickasaw Co. Iowa

Comments - farming prices were very low in the late 1800's, and Margaret and Bernard Lentz were tenant farmers, so they moved around to find better land, and hopefully better prices for their crops.

Family stories say that Margaret was a rider of the Orphan Train to Iowa. From 1854 thru 1929, when the last Orphan Train arrived, up to 250,000 such children were placed out to homes. Some things are known for some of the children, but very little is known for Margaret.
Two major sources of information are:

1. Orphan Train Heritage Society of America, Mary Ellen Johnson, Springdale AR 72764
2. Iowa Orphan Train Research Center, Madonna Harms, Rolfe IA 50581

They both have this information on file:

Margaret Faye, Fay, Feye, Fey
dob - circa 1868
birth place - either Ireland or New York city
birth father - John Fay
his birth place - Ireland
birth mother - unknown
her birth place - Ireland
date of RR trip - unknown
taken to - possibly Petersville/Quigley, Clinton Co. Iowa
name of family - Mr. & Mrs. Spain
married to: Bernard R. Lentz
dod - 19 May 1931

The descendants of Margaret and Bernard have written to four orphanages on the east coast, with no success (record) of Margaret Fay(e).

Further searches have been run on several different Spains; census records for that family have been found and examined. New York census records have been studied for a possible lead. There are two children appearing in the New York census records which meet the qualifications that are necessary: a child, d.o.b. 1868 or 1869, appearing alone some time between her birth and her arrival in Iowa and consequent marriage. It is not known when she arrived; only that it was before 1886. Each of the two possible Margaret Fays has been check out; one appears with the Paddock family in northern New York; and one appears with a group of children in Rochester, New York. A researcher was asked to look into the Rochester group, but other than that this was a prison/poorhouse/home for children, nothing could be learned. Details are available to anyone who wants them.
Can we find the parents of Margaret L. Fay Lentz?
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