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LYDIA FAY: her story in documents
In 1900, Lydia is living in Spencer, Nebraska with 6 of her children. They live next to other members of Moses' family. There is no sign of Robert.
The following records were obtained from the Butte court house, county seat of Boyd county, NE.
It is not know when Robert left Lydia, but the the first official indication of his desertion comes from a document dated March 27, 1902, where Lydia is listed as "deserted wife." In this document, she sells a strip of land to the Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Company.
An official copy of the Land Patent, dated April 11, 1907, granted to Lydia for the land in Nebraska, homestead act of 20th May 1862. This is several years after Robert deserted her.
About 1909, Lydia decided to sell her land to William Bradstreet and move to Ottumwa, South Dakota to live with or near her daughter, Alta Ardelia Heeb.

The following document is dated June 23, 1909 and signed in Stanley County, South Dakota. It is a correction of a previous document, but there is no indication what is being corrected. There is no mention of the right-of-way given to the railroad.