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Betsey Fay and Moses Stone
Alonzo Stone
Alonzo Stone's New Testament
Selections from the Bible and other sources
The list of children born to Moses and Betsey Stone
Three pages of Anc. and Desc. of Gregory Stone
As copied on the slip of paper in the Bible
God our tender Father

act but the infants gentle part,
give up to love thy willing heart;
no fondest parents tender breast
yearns like thy God's to make the[sic] blest;
taught its dear Mother soon to know,
the simplest babe its love can show,
bid bashful servile fear retire
the task no labour will require.
the sovereign Father good and kind,
wants but to have his child resigned;
wants but thy yielded heart no more --
with his rich gifts of grace to store.
he to thy soul no anguish brings,
from thy own stubborn will it springs;
that foe but crucify the bane,
naught shalt thou know of frowns or pain.

see of how rich a lot, how blessed,
the true believer stands possessed!
[arranged as the poem it is; original does not distinguish line ends.
The end of the poem is different, and there is no parallel for the last two lines of the Stone poem. They are also set off, unlike the others.
One English version of Luther's hymn

As one whom his mother comforts,
so will I comfort you.
Act but the infant's part,
Give up to love your willing heart;
No fondest parent's melting breast
Yearns, like your God's, to make blest:
Taught its dear mother soon to know,
The tenderest babe its love can show;
Bid your base servile fear retire,
This task no labor will require.
The sovereign Father, good and kind,
Wants to behold his child resigned;
Wants but your yielded heart-no more-
With his large gifts of grace to store:
He to your soul no anguish brings,
From your own stubborn will it springs.
But crucify that cruel foe,
Nor pain, nor care, your heart shall know.
Shake from your soul, overwhelmed, oppressed,
The encumbering load that galls your rest,
That wastes your strength in vain;
With courage break the enthralling chain.
Let prayer exert its conquering power,
Cry in the tempted, trembling hour-
My God, my Father, save your son!
It is heard, and all your fears are gone.
-Martin Luther