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Luke's pension file: discussion and table of contents
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Lucy Jane Fay Carrigan 8/10/1878: several years up to Luke's death
State of Nebraska, Douglas County
On this 10th day of August AD 1878 personally appeared before me Lucy Jane Carrigan who being by me first duly sworn deposes and says
My name is Lucy Jane Carrigan am 29 years of age. I reside in Omaha Nebraska. I am a daughter of Roxana Fay and am a sister to Luke Fay deceased. I resided at home with mother and brother Luke for several years before Luke enlisted in the service and afterwards until his death.
For Several years before Luke enlised he resided continuously at home and was never absent a sufficient length of time to make it necessary or desirable to write home. After he enlisted in the service, he was permitted to come home often. He was not many months in the service and never further than Lexington, Mo. about 30 miles from home. So that there was no occasion for him to write home while in the service.
I do not remember that Luke ever wrote home while in the service, and do not know of any letters now in existence which were written by him to any one, at any time.
I have no interest in the application of my mother for a pension, further than she is my mother and I would like her to have whatever of right belongs to her.