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LIBBIE FAY: her story in documents
We first see Libbie and Charles living together in 1900 in Spencer, Nebraska. They are surrounded by other members of Moses' family.
The following records were obtained from the Butte court house, county seat of Boyd county, NE. They do not pretend to show a complete record, but each of the three is interesting for itself.

This document is dated February 18, 1902, and records the final payment on the land Charles and Libbie have bought. Charles is not mentioned on this document.
A quit claim deed, dated February 12, 1904, signed only by Charles, but bearing Libbie's name also, given to John Frostrom and Robert Lynn.
The following document records the sale of the Nebraska property to Luther C. Everett. As the deed record shows, Libbie and Charles were in Dawson, Montana in 1913.