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Census information for Jerome Fay
In order to make them more readable, the images have been left large.
According to Orlin, Jerome, the son of Truman, was born March 13, 1837. He would appear as a number on the 1840 census, but the first time we see him, he is with his father in Vermont. Note the spelling of Truman's name. Truman and his wife Mary were both born in Vermont. The image is very difficult to read, but it can be made out; Truman and Mary are at the bottom of one page, the children at the top of the second.
I haven't found Jerome in 1860 yet. He is not at home with Truman.
By 1870, Jerome has arrived in California; he is in Butte in Siskiyou County in northern California, and he is herding stock. His age is given as 29, which would make him about 9 in 1850, born about 1841. His place of birth is Vermont. It seems likely that the age is simply a mistake; Jerome, son of Truman, would be 33 in 1870.
In 1880, he has become a hotel keeper, and has a wife Lucy. This is Lucy A. Edson. Jerome is 43, which would agree with the 1837 birth date.
	Census Place:	Berryvale, Siskiyou, California
	Source:	FHL Film 1254083  National Archives Film T9-0083     Page 262A     
	Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
Jerome FAY	Self	M	M	W	43	VT
	Occ:	Hotel Keeper	Fa: VT	Mo: VT
Lucy FAY	Wife	F	M	W	42	OH
			Fa: OH	Mo: PA
Randolph RAMDON	Other	M	S	W	21	MO
	Occ:	Works On Farm	Fa: PA	Mo: MO
George RAMDON	Other	M	S	W	19	MO
	Occ:	Works On Farm	Fa: PA	Mo: MO
Edward SULLIVAN	Other	M	S	W	22	CA
	Occ:	Works On Farm	Fa: IL	Mo: OH
	Occ:	Cook	Fa: CHINA	Mo: CHINA
			Fa: IL	Mo: MO
Jerome is living with his brother in law Josiah Edson. He is 63 and a widower. And the thing of most interest to us: he was born in Vermont in March of 1837. To me, this is now essentially conclusive.

Since the image is of such poor quality, I have retained almost the original size but broken it up into two sections; Jerome is on line 27.