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George Benjamin Fay
Southborough Cemetery Records
Lot Book Page 141 contains the graves of 10 Fay people.
1) George A., interred 10/15/1941
2) Nellie M., interred 1/24/1957
3) Percy H., interred 4/4/1974
4) Eva M., interred 1/15/1976
5) Elsie Fay Stewart, interred 3/25/1976
6) George B., interred 11/5/1922
7) Lucy L. Fay, interred 6/12/1924
8) Harry L., interred 6/25/1962
9) Charlie E., interred 1880 (infant's grave)
10) plot is empty.

Unnumbered, between 4 and 9: Cremation burial. Bradford W. Fay, interred 7/19/2001; died 3/17/2001 in Portsmouth, NH.
Lot Book Page 87 contains Benjamin H. Fay and V. Augusta Fay. Also buried here are Amanda M, Arthur W, Charles S., Elizabeth H., Elizabeth M, Harriet, John A.J., Mary A., Mary E., Mattie C., Moses, Moses A., Sarah H., Waldo A. Most of these can be identified by comparison with the data in Orlin. Lot Book Page 88 contains more members of the family.
See also the official site for the Southborough Rural Cemetery.