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Waterloo, Iowa Feb. 18, 1905
I have the honor to return herewith the papers in the claim of Amanda C. Fay, #642,271, and Hattie L. Fay, #809,924, contesting widows, said claims being based on the service and death of Daniel M. Fay, ctf. #768,810, Late Co. M 1 Ia. Cav. The address of Amanda C. Fay is Winthrop, Buchanan Co., Iowa.
The papers were referred for special examination to determine which was the legal widow, as set forth in the letter of the chief of the Law Division attached to report one, and to this district for the testimony of Amanda C. Fay.
The claimant is an aged woman, but is fairly well preserved both physically and mentally. She was advised as to her rights and waives notice. She was careful in giving testimony and is, I believe, entirely reliable. She tells a straight forward story and impressed me with its truth.
She had applied for a pension prior to the soldier's death, believing him dead, but when she found he was still living, she dropped the claim. The testimony she secured at that time will be found herewith, and her case appears complete. I cannot see that further testimony is needed, unless it might be deemed necessary to examine the divorce records of Scott Co., Iowa. I secured letters (Ex's A + B) from the Clerks of Court at Elkader and Vinton, Ia, showing no record of divorce in either Clayton or Benton Counties. I do not think the soldier was the kind of a man who would care much for a divorce.
Referred for consideration of the Chief of the Law Division.
Very respectfully,
N. N. Hill
Special Examiner
The Commissioner of Pensions,
Washington, D.C.