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Ethan Allen Fay (1801-1892) of Monmouth County, NJ
And his Descendants
Compiled from Various Sources
Bennington and Vermont Directory
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Robert and Mary E. Fay, Obituarysome cemetery transcriptions
Ethan Allen Fay, Obituary
detail from Thomas G. Bradford
New Jersey, 1838
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From Ethan's obituary, we know that he was born on August 24, 1801 in Williamstown, MA. When he was three, his family moved to Benson, Rutland County, Vermont, where he lived until he was 16. Then he travelled to New Jersey and lived and married there. It is likely that Ethan reached New Jersey in time for the census of 1820, but that census, and the earlier NJ census records, have not been preserved. I have not been able to discover Ethan's parents in Massachusetts or in Vermont. His birth might easily have gone without recording; certainly it is not recorded in the Vital Records of Williamstown. I have worked with a Vermont genealogist to see if there were any records in Rutland County to help, but nothing was found. It is possible that further information will turn up somewhere.
There is also a mystery connected with Ethan Daniel Fay. He appears in 1870 with Ethan Allen, and can be traced from there forward. But there is no sign of his parents. How was he connected to the others?
The census of 1830, the first record we have, shows Ethan and his wife in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Ethan and Maria Edwards had been married on February 12, 1826. Their son Ethan was born in 1827 and Webley about 1828. The census of 1830 shows these four. Both boys are 'under 5', and Ethan and Maria are 20-30. But in addition, it shows three more people.a female 10-15, and two boys 15-20.
The 1840 census confirms that the family is still in Shrewsbury, but there are obvious mistakes and unanswered questions in connection with it. Ethan has been incorrectly placed in the 20-30 group again (he is 39, while Maria is correctly recorded in the 30-40. There are two boys between 5 and 10, two between 10 and 15, and two between 15 and 20. There are two girls under five and one 15-20. It looks as if the two young men who were with Ethan in 1830 are still with him, but they, like Ethan, are in the wrong age group. The girl on the other hand seems to be correct. Of their own children, two girls under 5 are recorded (we only know of Sarah, since Catherine Lucinda was not born until 1841). Of the boys, Robert and James belong to the 5-10 year group, while Ethan is now 10-15. But who is the second boy 10-15? Webley is gone.
In 1850, they have moved to Ocean Township. Ethan is 48, Maria 50; James is 17, Robert is 15, Sarah is 11 and Lucinda is 8. Ethan Jr. is 22, and has established his own household next door to his parents. Just beyond Ethan Jr. are Maria's parents, Brittain and Margaret Edwards. With the exception of Ethan Sr., who was said to have been born in Mass., all were born in New Jersey.
1860 finds Robert in California, as his biography indicates. The others are living in Ocean. James and Ethan have their own households; the girls are at home still.
1870 is a crucial year. The Shermans (Lucinda and Isaac) are in Red Bank, Shrewsbury Township.
Robert is back in Ocean Township, Eatontown, and has started his family.
Ethan Jr. is also in Eatontown.
James and Ethan are also in Eatontown, one house away from each other. With Ethan are Maria and Sarah M. Also with them is Ethan D. Fay, a boy of 17, born in New Jersey. Where did Ethan D. come from? who are his parents? where was he in 1860? I can trace him from here to the present; but I cannot trace him back ten years. He would have been seven in 1860. Was he perhaps the child or grandchild of one of the young men who accompanied Ethan to NJ? But why is he not in 1860? He is my unsolved mystery in this line.
Most of the family lives in Eatontown
Ethan A. FAY Self W Male W 79 VT Retired From Business VT VT
Sarah M. FAY Dau S Female W 39 NJ House Keeping VT NJ
Ella WOOLLEY Other S Female W 15 NJ Servant NJ PA

James D. FAY Self M Male W 46 NJ Wheelwright VT NJ
Elizabeth FAY Wife M Female W 45 NJ Keeping House NJ NJ
George D. FAY Son Male W 22 NJ Student Physician NJ NJ
Albert W. FAY Son Male W 19 NJ Butcher NJ NJ
Anella L. FAY Dau Female W 14 NJ NJ NJ

Ethan D. FAY Self M Male W 27 NJ Harness Shop NJ NJ
Lydia FAY Wife M Female W 27 NJ House Keeping NJ NJ

Robert FAY Self M Male W 45 NJ Painter VT NJ
Mary E. FAY Wife M Female W 44 NJ Keeping House NJ NJ
Frank H. FAY Son Male W 14 NJ NJ NJ
Harry C. FAY Son S Male W 12 NJ NJ NJ
Ethan Allen Jr., now called just Allen, lives in Neptune.
Allen FAY Self M Male W 50 NJ Farmer NJ NJ
Sarah J. FAY Wife M Female W 40 NJ Keeping House NJ NJ
William FAY Son Male W 17 NJ At Home NJ NJ
Carrie FAY Dau Female W 15 NJ At Home NJ NJ

Ethan died in 1892.
Children of Ethan Allen Fay and Maria Edwards
2  Ethan Allen Fay, Jr.  b:  1827  d: 1908
   +(1)Hannah  b:  4/1823  d: 1/22/1853
......3  Louisa Fay  b:  1850	
......3  Georgey Fay  b:  1851  d: 8/25/1851
   +(2)Sarah J.  b:  1838  d: 1911
......3  Florence Fay  b:  1857	
......3  William R. Fay  b:  1859	
......3  William Fay  b:  1862	
......3  Carrie Fay  b:  1865
2  Webley Fay  b:  5/25/1828  d: 5/5/1837

2  James DeWitt Fay  b:  8/26/1832  d: 1/10/1919
   +Elizabeth Worthley  b:  6/4/1833  d: 8/22/1903
......3  Arthur R. Fay  b:  7/13/1854  d: 4/19/1855
......3  Mary E. Fay  b:  5/10/1856  d: 1/6/1864
......3  George DeWitt Fay  b:  11/1858  d: 3/7/1928
........ +Lillian Campbell  b:  2/1863  d: 1/1/1920
............4  Gladys Fay  b:  12/1897	
............4  Elsie Fay  b:  1901  d: 6/24/1919
......3  Albert W. Fay  b:  3/1861  d: 1920
........ +Ellen  b:  9/1865	
......3  Anella L. Fay  b:  4/6/1869	
........ +Winfield Ridgely  b:  8/28/1866	
............4  Mabel E. Ridgely  b:  11/8/1897  d: 11/15/1897
............4  Winfried C. Ridgely  b:  11/4/1900  d: 2/9/1901

2  Robert Fay  b:  3/1835  d: 4/1902
   +Mary E. Richmond  b:  1836  d: 3/1900
......3  Frank H. Fay  b:  1864	
......3  Harry Clay Fay  b:  1868  d: 12/30/1916
........ +Florence R. Smith  b:  1871  d: 7/13/1914
............4  Sarah E. Fay  b:  4/1893
............   +Albert W. Worden, Jr. b: 9/1891
..................5  Harry C.F. Worden b: 1914
..................5  James A. Worden b: 1915
..................5  Robert F. Worden b: 1921
..................5  Christa Joyce Worden b: 1935 	
............4  Harry Clay Fay, Jr.  b:  1905  d: 11/20/1906

2  Sarah M. Fay  b:  7/31/1839  d: 1/29/1925

2  Catherine Lucinda Fay  b:  10/1841  d: 5/13/1916
   +Isaac H. Sherman  b:  8/1837	
......3  Adelma Sherman  b:  8/1860	
......3  Walter K. Sherman  b:  10/1865	
........ +Henrietta  b:  12/1867	
............4  Isaac H. Sherman II  b:  6/1886			
Ethan D. Fay (1852/53 - about 1884)
Lydia Ann Sherman Rockhill (b: 5/6/1853)
and their descendants
2  Ethan Daniel Fay  b: 5/6/1884	
   +Mary Louise Sawyer		
......3  Ethan D. Fay  b: 3/3/1919  d: 11/12/2002
........ +Estelle Chapman
............4  Ann Fay
............   +Sam Ellis
..................5  Danny Ellis
..................5  Cindy Ellis
..................5  Julie Ellis
......3  Chester L. Fay  b: 1/17/1922  d: 1/1988
......3  Doris Fay  b: 1927