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Descendants of David Fay
Census Data Over the Years
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The 1830 census is the first one in which David is shown as head of house. He and Rhoda had been married on November 25, 1824. He is 34 (male 30-40); Rhoda is 30 or 31 (female 30-40); Otis is 4 (male under 5). There are three other males in the household: two aged 10-15, one age 5-20. Their identity is not known.
Rhoda having died in 1830 or 1831, David married Harriet Pratt on May 20, 1832. David is now 44 (although he is listed on the census as "over 30 but under 40"); Harried is 34. Otis is "under 15" (14), and David Marcus, who was born to David and Harriet on June 5, 1839, is "under 5".
Harriet Fay had died in 1843. David (age 52) is head of house. With him are his young daughter Harriet R[hoda], age 7 (born May 19, 1843). Also living in the same house are Otis C. (age 24), with Otis' wife Mary A, age 23 (married 11/21/1847), and their small daughter Irene, age 1 (born 1/28/1849).

There is another member of the household, Arthur H. Fay, age 14. Is this the son of Foster and Sally? But that Arthur H. Fay, age 14, born 10/1/1835, is shown on the Upton census. The Grafton census was taken on the 6th day of Sept. The Upton was on the 30th of Sept. Was Arthur in Grafton for the harvest, and then returned to Upton between the 6th and the 30th?
David Fay had died in 1874 at the age of 78. Otis and Eliza are living in Grafton with Mabel, the daughter of Otis and Delight Whittemore.

Irene, the daughter of Otis and Mary, had married and was living in Upton with her husband.
The 1900 census offers more information about the family, which has now grown to its full size. Here are Otis and Eliza; and children Rhoda, Foster, Wilbur, Eva and Grace. I myself knew Rhoda, Foster, Wilbur and Grace.

Irene Benson and Mabel Cooper have not yet been located on the census rolls.