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Special Examiner's Index, Exhibit G
Testimony of Lovina Clark
County of Waseca
State of Minnesota
    personally appeared before me a notary public this 14th day of July A.D. 1897 Mrs. Lovina Clark well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit and on her being duly sworn deposes and says
My name is Lovina Clark. I am fifty five years of age. I live in Janesville, Waseca Co, Minnesota. I have known Amanda Fay ever since my first recolections. She taught the first School I ever went to. It was in the State of Pennsylvania, Crawford Co. where I was born. I was also Personally acquainted with D. Merit Fay and a large Family of his relatives in the same place. One of his Uncles was our nearest Neighbor and I used to see D. M. Fay often there and at our House. I can well remember when D. M. Fay and Amanda Ford were married and shortly afterwards they moved to Clayton Co Iowa. And there her health broke down in a few years and they with their two little Boys came back to Pennsylvania to old Friends to try to regain Health which she did in a measure. and then returned to Iowa. and when I was thirteen years of age My Father with his family moved to the Place in Iowa. and off and on for the next five years I lived in their family with them on account of her poor Health. Then I married and we were still Neighbors then came the War. My Husband and D. M. Fay both enlisted and Part of the three years following we (Amanda Fay and myself) lived in the same House together. Her Husband came home on furlow at that time. I knew them and was near Neighbor after the war. in fact, I always knew them both well until about 27 or 28 years ago, when we one way and they the other. Since then I have known them only by Correspondence but I do know that D. M. Fay or Amanda Fay was never Married Previous to the afore said time mentioned in this statement or Claim. Save friendship and justice I have not been dictated by any one but have written this from my own Recolections of the facts and this is in my own hand writing.
Lovina Clark
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 14th day of July A.D. 1897.
D. J. Dodge
Notary Public