John Fay, Eldest son of Stephen Fay and Ruth, his wife
John Fay, eldest son of Stephen Fay and Ruth his wife, married Mary Fisk, daughter of Henry and Mary Fisk, of Sturbridge, Mass, they had seven children.

Susanna, Nathan, Henry, Helen, John, Joseph, and Hiram

John Fay (father aged 43 - having been born December 23, 1734) was killed in the Battle of Bennington on the 16th of August 1777.

Hiram Fay, their youngest son, died August 24, 1777. His age was 4 months and 24 days.

Mary, the Mother, died of grief August 31, 1777.

Joseph, died September 14, 1777, aged five years.

Susanna, (who was about 18 years of age at the death of her parents) was the eldest of the remaining five children; she was married to Timothy Follett, Esq. in 1780, who died in Bennington, March 23, 1803. Mrs. Follett died at Burlington, June 27, 1837.

Jonas Fay, second son (of Stephen Fay and Ruth Fay his wife) died - March 6, 1818 in his 82nd year.

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