The Record of the Age of Stephen Fay and Ruth Child, his Wife
Stephen Fay, Father to the above recorded Children, Departed this life the 17th Day of May 1781 in the sixty Eight year of his Age.

Benjamin Fay, son of Stephen Fay and Ruth Fay, Died on the 19th day of June 1786 in the 36th year of his age.

Sarah, daughter to Stephen and Ruth Fay as above recorded wife to Capt. David Robinson departed this life Sunday January 25the 1801 in the 44th year of her Age. Her disorder _____.

Jonas Fay, second son of Stephen and Ruth Fay died March the 6th AD 1818 after three days of the ill health with no approved disorder but old age in the eighty second year of his age at Bennington.

Capt. Stephen Fay died May 17, 1781, aged 67 years.

Stephen Fay, third son of Stephen Fay and Ruth Fay, died May 26, AD 1804 after eight days of illness with a fever in the sixty-sixth year of his age.

Mary Robinson, wife of Gov. Moses Robinson and daughter of Stephen and Ruth Fay departed this life on Thursday the 12th day of February AD 1801 her disorder similar to that of Sarah Robinson as before recorded - in her 58th year.

Ruth Fay, widow of Capt. Stephen Fay, mother of the aforesaid children departed this life on Friday the 6th day of August AD 1802 about 10 o'clock in the evening Eighty eight years of age wanting three days.

Col. Joseph Fay, son of Stephen and Ruth his wife, departed this life on the 26th day of October 1803 in the 51st year of his age in the city of New York of the prevailing epidemic called the yellow fever.

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