Samuel SaffordBorn - June 24, 1761Died - Sept. 11, 1851
Benjamin HarwoodBorn - Jan. 12, 1762Died - Jan. 22, 1851
Abisha KingsleyBorn - March 18, 1766Died - Aug. 9, 1859
Aaron RobinsonBorn - May 4, 1768Died - Aug. 10, 1849
Samuel FayBorn - Aug. 16, 1772Died - Dec. 25, 1863
David RobinsonBorn - July 12, 1777Died - March 15, 1858
"This picture was taken in Sept. 1848 of Samuel Safford, who was in the Battle of Bennington, and Samuel Fay, Abisha Kingsley, Aaron Robinson, David Robinson, and Benjamin Harwood. Their united ages when the picture was taken was four hundred and eight nine years."
Record of George W. Robinson
Capt. Samuel Safford was the first man who scaled the Tory breastworks at the Battle of Bennington.
Benjamin Harwood was the first male child born in Bennington, VT.
Note from Contributor: The picture mentioned above is not included here.
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