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Betsy Fay and Joseph Wells: Directory
First Generation
Betsy Fay was born on February 6, 1787 in Plainfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, and died in Underhill, Chittenden County, Vermont, on September 27, 1842. Betsy married Joseph Wells, who was born in 1790 in Jericho, Vermont, and died in 1876 in Underhill. They were married in Vermont, probably in Jericho, where Betsy's family was living at the time of their marriage. The census of 1820 already shows 3 children, one boy in the 10-16 range. They must have been married right around 1810.

It is known that Betsy and Joseph had more than one child; the 1830 census lists 3 boys and 2 girls. The census of 1840 shows four sons and two daughters; it seems likely that a son was born right after the 1830 census. By 1850 when the household members are named, Joseph is remarried, and none of the children are at home. However, in 1870, Joseph is in the household of Oliver. It looks as if Hiram Wells, born about 1801, is the oldest son of Joseph, and as if David Wells, born about 1832, is the youngest, but it is not proved.
Betsy and Joseph Wells had one daughter and one son whose names are known:
   Oliver Wells (1818)
+ Amy Flora Wells (1822)
Second Generation
Amy Flora Wells was born on July 1, 1822 in Underhill and died there on March 20, 1887. On January 24, 1847, she married Norman Bostwick Perry, who was born in Essex on August 17, 1819, and died in Hyde Park on August 21, 1890.
Amy Flora Wells and Norman Bostwick Perry had the following children:
+ Josiah Quincy Perry (1849)
   Louise Perry (1851)
   Clara Perry (1853)
   William Perry (1856)
   Norman J. Perry (1859)
+ May Emma Perry (1861)
Third Generation
Josiah Quincy Perry was born on January 1, 1849, in Jericho, and died February 22, 1927, in Hyde Park, Vermont. He married Mary Etta (or MaryEtta). She was born December 1858.
Josiah Quincy Perry and MaryEtta had the following children:
   Flora S. Perry (1884)
   Arthur C. Perry (1886)
+ Glenn E. Perry (1892)
   Rossie M. Perry (1897)
May Emma Perry was born on May 10, 1861 in Underhill and died on December 16, 1888 in Hyde Park. On February 26, 1885, she married William Thomas Campbell. He was born March 6, 1863 in Hyde Park, and died October 7, 1936 in Barre.
Lorraine has written a short biography of her greatgrandparents May Emma Perry and William Thomas Campbell.
May Emma Perry and William Thomas Campbell had one child:
+ Lillian Amy Campbell (1887)
Fourth Generation
Glenn Ernest Perry was born on July 29, 1892 and died on April 10, 1955. He married Ann B. about 1921. She was born in 1901.
Glenn Ernest Perry and Ann B. had the following child:
   Barbara Ann Perry (1924)
Lillian Amy Campbell was born June 14, 1887 in Hyde Park and died October 3, 1979 in Lebanon, NH. On March 5, 1907, she married Harry Newton Allen, who was born March 25, 1884 in Montpelier and died September 21, 1947 in Canaan, NH.
Lorraine has written a short biography of her grandparents Harry and Lillian.
Lillian Amy Campbell and Harry Newton Allen had the following children:
+ James Edward Allen (1907)
   Ruth C. Allen (1913)
   Nellie G. Allen (1924)
   Philip R. Allen (1925)
Fifth Generation
James Edward Allen was born July 29, 1907 in Lebanon, NH, and died February 14, 1999, in Desert Hot Springs, Riverside, CA. James married Josephine Vitalene Brown aka Lebrun; they were married in 1927 and were married 49 years and 7 months. Josephine was born April 11, 1897 and died March 28, 1978, in Los Angeles, CA.
James Edward Allen and Josephine had the following children:
+ Lorraine Teresa Allen (1932)
   Douglas Allen
   Janice Allen
Sixth Generation
Lorraine Teresa Allen was born March 1, 1932 in Lebanon, NH. She has written about some of her early memories.