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Austin White Fay (11/17/1803 - 1847)
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The following biography is taken from Past and present of Greene County, Illinois by Ed. Miner, Chicago: S.J. Clarke, 1905, pp. 196-97.
Following this selection is the short biography from Orlin with a discussion.
The following biography is taken from Orlin, page 141.
The biography found in the history of Greene County makes it clear that Austin was a member of the Illinois regiment from the end of June 1846 through February 1847. The battle of Buena Vista took place February 22 and 23 (Wikipedia has a good article on Buena Vista). Austin was killed in this battle or directly after as a result of the battle. Thus his death is to be placed in 1847, not 1849 as Orlin writes.
I have tried to find Austin's son or widow in the census lists and I have not been successful. I do not know whether they both died; or whether Dorothy remarried and her son took his stepfather's name.