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Contributed by Diana Cooper and Jacqui Olsen
FAY, Aramintha SIX, Prosper 26 Feb 1855
FAY, Clement IRVIN, Emeline 16 Mar 1848
FAY, Eliza THOMPSON, John 12 Dec 1847
FAY, Emeline SULLIVAN, Daniel 12 Jul 1852
FAY, Fanny JOHNSON, Benjamin 03 May 1841
FAY, Lavina FULTON, Zefaniah 15 Dec 1842
FAY, Lewis BARKER, Mary C. 30 Mar 1851
FAY, Mary E. SNIDER, Daniel 29 Aug 1847
FAY, Polly Ann LOVE, Mathias A. 04 Oct. 1857
FAY, William MITCHELL, Cynthia 10 Mar 1845
FAY, Almira HOLLAND, William 25 Dec 1867
FAY, Cyntha FIERCE, George W. 05 Dec 1875
FAY, Diana CRANE, Lewis G. 11 Feb 1868
FAY, Huldah McKEE, William H. 26 Oct 1873
FAY, Louisa FARRON, Daniel 17 Aug 1878
FAY, Monroe LARRISON, Mary E. 18 Nov 1871
FAY, Villi HIGGINS, Edmond S. 27 May 1872
Additional Information from Diana Cooper, others:
Aramintha - listed twice on the 1850 OH Athens Co census as a FOY. One has her enumerated on the 19th of July in the Henry BARTLETT household. She is 12 & OH born. Henry is a Clerk of (Sup.) Court which is interesting because 5 days later on 24th July she is now in the Thomas SAVAGE household and age 13. When she married Prosper SIX in 1855 she was listed as a FAY. Found Prosper (age 26) on the 1860 census married to an 18 yr. old Martha B. with a 11 month old son. I assume Aramintha died in childbirth or in a pregnancy.

Clement - son of Moses Sr.

Eliza - sister to Franklin; both the children of Moses Jr. Could not find her in 1850 but have her in 1860 Nelsonville, Athens Co., OH without her husband, but with a 70 yr. old Electa FAY. Electa was her mother.

Emeline - Since no one can find Clement in 1860, it looks as if Clement died some time after 1850 and before 1860. It looks as if Clement's wife Emeline IRVIN re-married in 1855. I am attempting to find the SULLIVAN household in Athens Co. because of the two FAY children she and Clement had, may have become enumerated as SULLIVAN children. It is also possible that this Emeline may be Emily that OPF used for a daughter of Clement. (on the census Clement's wife also uses the name Emily).

Fanny - Clement's daughter. The 1850 census shows Fanny and Benjamin Johnson, and living with them, Fanny's brother Lewis, son of Clement.

Lavina - This lady becomes Laura FULTON in the census. Daughter of Clement.

Lewis - Son of Clement, head of a long line.

Mary E. - Her parentage is not known yet. The fact she married a SNIDER is important because Willis FAY married a Mary E. SNIDER right next door in HOCKING Co. (Nelsonville is on the border of Athens AND Hocking!)

Polly Ann - Found Mathias on the 1860 census in someone else's household (not LOVE) and he had a VERY young kid sister with him. No baby Love. I have a marriage record that Mathias married a Cynthia MOTTY the next year. I am assuming she too, died either in childbirth or in pregnancy. She was my g-g grandfathers sister.

William - I have scraps of him from Sandra MITCHELL - QUINN, webmaster to Athens Co. There seems to be a link between Cynthia Mitchell, the daughter of Gideon Mitchell, and Maryette FAY Mitchell, who married Squire the son of Gideon. It is possible that Maryette and William were brother and sister.

Almira - daughter of Franklin & Julie Ann FAY (my g-g-g grandparents).

Cyntha - Daughter of William FAY & Cynthia MITCHELL. On census of 1850 OH Licking Co., Grandville Twp. pg 12 we have William FAY & wife Cynthia with two children, a dau. (looks like) Clarinda age 9 and a son William L. Cyntha (Cynthia) later divorced Fierce and returned to her parents' house, where she is in 1880.

Diana - daughter of Franklin & Julia Ann FAY (my g-g-g grandparents).

Huldah - daughter of Franklin & Julia Ann FAY (my g-g-g grandparents).

Louisa - daughter of Franklin & Julia Ann FAY (my g-g-g grandparents).

Monroe - my g-g grandfather. LARRISON was the name given on the marriage record and various spelling of Weise/Weiss and Wice/Wise were used for the birth records in Athens Co. for their children. I really don't know what name to use!

Villi - Willis & Mary E. (SNIDER) FAY have as far as I can see only four daughters.
Ellen (b. 1850) becomes Fidelia (b. 1850)
Catherine b. 1854
Electa (b. 1856) becomes Cassie (b. 1856) [see the obit of Cassie E. for confirmation through birthdate)
Lucinda D. (b. 1859).
Ellen Fidelia FAY (b. 1850) would be a good age range for this marriage and Villi could be a hashing of Fidelia.
Interesting note is the first born child of the above marriage (Monroe FAY) produced a daughter Ella U. (b. 1873) on the birth record of Athens. This Ella U. became a Vella on one census and was later censuses as Della. Since this Villi is not Ella U., there is maybe a "pet name" thing going on here.
Posted August 2002