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(1597 - 2/28/1660)
The welcome speech was given by Mrs. Emily L. B. Fay. Couched in terms perhaps a bit flowery for the tastes of today, she provides much interesting information not only about Andrew Ward but also about other settlers of the town. Her expressed view that the preservation of family history is a duty, even a religious duty, and her references to a "biographer" of Andrew Ward, increase the importance of what she writes. No mention is given in the booklet of Emily's ancestry. Research has provided much information about her, and she, and her Fay husband, have a separate page.
Pages 7 through 17 contain short biographical sketches of other original settlers: Mathew Mitchell, Robert Coe, Jeffrey Ferris, Francis Bell, Rev. Mr. Denton, Rev. John Bishop, Miss Abigail Scofield, George Slawson, Nicholas Knapp, Lieut. Jonathan Lockwood, The Mills Family, Simon Hoyt, John Jessup, Dr. Samuel Webb, John Miller, William Mead, Richard Crabbe, Robert Bates. There follows a section entitled 'Revolutionary Period' containing Dr. Noah Wells, Capt. Amos Smith, and Brig.-Gen. David Waterbury. Then comes the business report of the Association. The afternoon session's talk is then recorded.