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AMASA MUNGER (10/6/1774 - 1/2/1843)
And the Munger line of descendants
John Fay
David (OPF #5) (4/23/1679 - 4/10/1738) son of John and Susannah Shattuck
Edward (OPF #9) (5/16/1717 - 1806) son of David and Sarah Larkin
Joanna (7/20/1749 - 8/5/1793) daughter of Edward and Sarah Joslin
Amasa Munger (10/6/1774 - 1/2/1843) son of Joanna Fay and Ephraim Munger
Edward Revisited: Additions and Corrections to Orlin
Joanna and Eunice
Johanna Fay and Ephraim Munger
Who's Where When: Early Census Records
Directory for the Munger Connections
Amasa Munger was born in Union, CT, on October 6, 1774, and he died in Prairie Ronde, MI, on January 2, 1843. He married Sally, the daughter of Henry Darrell, about 1798. Sally was born January 8, 1777, and died August 13, 1844.
I tried to find Henry Darrell or Darrel in the census, but I had no luck at all. I could find out nothing about Sally's background.
Amasa Munger and Sally Darrell had the following children (from the Munger book):
Mariab.Cazenovia, N.Y.,Nov. 26, 1799x
Henry D.""     "Dec. 28, 1801x
Almira"Pepperell, Mass.,Nov. 1, 1803d. Feb. 6, 1804
Russell V.""     "June 6, 1805x
Roxalana""     "Nov. 30, 1809 
Luke"Charlestown, "Apr. 7, 1812x
Early census records for this family provide confirmation for some of the details found in the Munger book, while creating a few puzzles in their turn. Interpreting the early ones is that much more difficult because only the heads of household are named.
"Amasa Munger moved with his father from Union, Conn., to Madison Co., N. Y., about 1794-5. Returned to New England in 1802. Worked as a ship carpenter at Charlestown, Mass., in 1812; later moving to Ohio, locating at Milan, Erie Co. In 1834, moved to Michigan with his son Russel, in Prairie Ronde township, where he died."
--from the Munger book, page 271.
There is a book about Van Buren county, Michigan, which contains more information about this part of the line, and I will post that as soon as I can. The Munger book contains more information about the descendants of Henry, Russell and Luke; and it contains the first generation of Maria's line. Because Maria is a woman, no attempt is made to continue, for the book deals only with Mungers. Almira receives no mention beyond a listing of her name; her death, however, is recorded in the vital records of Massachussetts. I thought at first that Roxalana also died, but she did not. In fact, she married, and had a long line of descendants, 6 children, of whom four married and had families. Her line is continued on her own page, as is Luke's.
Roxalana Munger, 11/30/1809 - 4/15/1877
Luke Munger, 4/7/1812 - 12/9/1863