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Special Examiner's Index, Exhibit C
Claimant's Statement
State of Iowa
Clayton County
I Amanda C. Fay widow of Daniel M. Fay of Co. "I" 27 Reg. Ia Inft. and applicant for pension No. 642,271 being duly sworn on oath do depose and say that my husband Daniel M. Fay abandoned and left me in the year 1870 and about 14 years since I heard of him through others, at which time it was reported that he was still living--That 8 years ago it was reported that my husband Daniel M. Fay was dead. I have investigated the matter to assertain the truth if possible and have been unable to assertain or learn any thing as to his whereabouts dead or a live; as before stated it has been 14 years since I heard any thing about him, he having left his former place of residence; where to is unknown and is presumed by those that are acquainted with him that he is dead.
There are only 2 persons living who were at the marriage of myself to Daniel M. Fay, one was my brother Ambrose Ford whose affidavit is on file with this claim and application-- The other person was over 80 years of age and has lost his mind and cannot remember being present at our marriage. I have a record of our marriage and the births of our children that was made in the Bible long before the war. I know that I have never applied for a divorce and that no divorce has even been granted to me or to him--That said Daniel M. Fay could not; and did not--have any grounds for a divorce-- That he was found guilty with committing adultery & living with another mans wife and was sent to the Iowa state Penetentiary for one year; and never after his return from the Penetentiary did he return to live with this applicant.
I further swear that I have no real estate of any kind; that I have no personal or mixed property of any kind and no bonds stocks and investments of any kind and that I have no income whatsoever from any sources whatever and further no person is holden (?) or legally bound to support me with any resources whatever.
Amanda C. Fay
Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me by Amanda C. Fay on this 14th day of July A. D. 1897
Realto E. Price
Notary Public in and
for Clayton County Iowa
[Note: at the bottom of the second page is an affidavit by Dan Costigan, Clerk of the District Court, that Realto E. Price is a Notary Public.]