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From the Photograph Album of
Mary Philena Canedy Niven
Table of Contents for Mamie's Album Table of Contents for Old Photographs
Mollie Beach on back: for Mamie Little Mollie Beach Charlestown Mass Aug. 1870
Lily Thomas in the charachter of Joe Nigfall [?] in the "Spirit of 76"-- Lily Thomas For my Dear Wife Mamie "Joe"
Bertie [?] Grey Newbold back: At Chegaray 1870
Gertrude Ringwalt January 1871
No name, no date
back: May 1874, no name
Bina, with much love from "Edith" ['Bina' is not clear] Loken March 15th, 1871 front: Ella Whetham [first letter of last name?]
Minnie Scott [some doubt, not much] back 1869
Mrs. C. E. Alger August 25th, 1875
Louise Hughes nee Beardsley back: Your old friend Louise
(recto) Mrs. Gormly
(verso) Mrs. Gormly
(verso) Ma Cherè Cherè Mère to Mary Canedy