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Mary Philena Canedy Niven
March 30, 1852 - July 19, 1896
These photographs were mostly taken between 1868 and 1874. Most seem to be of friends from the school Mary Philena attended: Chegaray Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Most are labelled either "Chegaray" or "New Haven". Many have no identification; a few of these can be identified from other named photos. The initials "MPC" are actually written on the album in my grandmother's handwriting (she was Mary Philena's daughter).
Table of Contents for Mamie's Album Table of Contents for Old Photographs
First picture in the album
No name and no date
"Love guide thy barque" "Mamie" [quotes on photo] Dec. 7, 1867
I think this is Mamie Steele
this is a photo of Mamie Steele from another photo where she IS identified
I wonder about the first picture also, but it is less clear.
Virginia Wallach
back: July 1870
June '68. inscription in pencil, VERY light. "You want me to say anything so I will do so. This is an unfare specimen of Virginia.
"Ma Mere" Votre fille
back of above right
(recto) Estelle King Siebeneck
(verso) Estelle D. King 1868
No name, no date
No name, no date
No name, no date
on back: Chegar[a? eu? one or two letters]y 1869 on front: Eva Day Douglas
on album, Mrs. Pierpont on photo, Carrie G. Moulthrop
No name, no date
back: Katie [?] Beach For my darling Sugar-Plum with June 2nd, '71 Chegaray Institute
No name, no date
No name, no date
This is almost certainly MPC, though