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From the Photograph Album of
Mary Philena Canedy Niven
Table of Contents for Mamie's Album Table of Contents for Old Photographs
(verso) "Miss Canedy" Spring 1872
(verso) Clarence E. Alger
December, 1877
(recto) Geo Beach
(verso) April 19th, 1871
[in a different hand and lighter] April 1870
(recto) Lieut. A. C. Kelton
(verso) August 1870 Charlestown Mass
A. C. Kelton
Lt.-Marine Corp
(recto) Dick Beach
(verso) Dick Beach
2 1/2 years old At Chegaray 1970
(recto) Dr. Vnde[???]
(verso) Your most amiable friend
[signed with illegible ititials]
(recto) Ike Marvel
(verso) "Ike Marvel"
(verso) Sam Bushnell
N.H. July 1870 [New Haven, not New Hampshire]
(recto) Louie Gormly
(verso) Auntie Mamie from "Louie" June 1870
(recto) Sam Diehl
(verso) 1869, "Yours Truly" SD
(recto) D. M. C. Bone [C has mark in front?]
(verso) Christmas Holiday
At Chegeray 1870
no name, no date
(recto) A. S. Murray Jr.
(verso) Sept. 8, 1870
New Haven, Conn.
(recto) Dr. Mears
(verso) July 1870
(recto)Dr. Skiff
(verso) P. C. Skiff, M. D.
Dec. 13, 1873
(verso) Sereno Bushnell
(recto) N. H. N. Stewart
(verso)N. H. N. Stewart
1868 [first initial somewhat uncertain]
(verso) A Mademoiselle Marie Canedy
A la part de son dévoué Serviteur et Maître de français Charles Bérault de St. Momuriu Philadelphia, le 26 Mai 1870
Chas. Bérault
Chegaray Institute