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My Family Page

This is my spot on the web.....

A little about me, I have been doing Genealogy since 1998 and am enjoying every minute of it! 

Hopefully, I will get all my death certs on here and my marriage certs, and census, etc..... but for now this is my spot for my family to see the tree and what (little) info I have gotten.

Names I am researching:

Paternal Names

Ohio: Farris, Irelan/d, Leach, Hutchison

Kentucky: Gabbard, Vires/Via, McIntosh

Maternal Names

Fetter, Songer, Martin, Kuhr

There are MANY more, but as I said this space is for now, just a spot for my family to see the research I have done so far, but as time goes by, more and more will be added 

Family pages-they are all pretty much short pages but they at least give you an idea of the family.


Songer Page    Duplicate of another page, not sure what happened, so I removed the info from the page :(

Martin Page      All I know about these guys, and it ain't much!

Kuhr Page        This has all I know about my Kuhr's.

Fetter Page       Not Much here either.

Data Pages    

Oak Hill Cemetery    Only have my family members listed....some with pictures of head stones

Obituaries                  Songer, Martin, and Kuhr.

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