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Fink Family
First Generation

1. George Riley FINK. Born in 1815 in Cabarrus Co., NC. George Riley died in Fort Tyler, Texas on 20 May 1864, he was 49.
Yell County Heritage
By Yell County Historical and Genealogical Association
Yell County, Arkansas
Pg 298
George Fink was born in 1815 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. He married Levina Lipe 24 Mar 1841. Levina was born 20 Nov 1820 in N.C. to Henry and Leah Blackwelder Lipe. Henry was the son of John Godfrey Lipe II and Barbara House Lipe. In the early 1830's Henry and Leah, (they married 1 Jan 1818) left N.C. and settled in the area, which became Yell County. In 1850 they were in Chickalah Township where he was a farmer and served as lay minister in the Methodist Church. They had at least seven children.

George Fink enlisted in the 1st Regiment, Arkansas Infantry 1 July 1863 at Cassville, Missouri. On or about 20 Sep 1863 he gave out because of chronic illness and was captured at his home by Confederate Marauders called "bushwhackers". Witnesses said he was hung. His war record is that he was executed at Ft. Tyler on the Red River. George and Levina had nine children (1) Henry was born in 1843 in North Carolina; he married Emily Hodges 26 Feb 1867. They had ten children. (2) Levi born 1846 in North Carolina, (3) Jacob born 1849, married Rebecca Hodges; the family moved to Sparks, Oklahoma, they had three children. (4) Elizabeth born 1852 married Jimmy Rogers 22 Dec 1872 in Yell County, (5) Isaac married Mary Davis 1872. He moved with his family to Lavaca, Texas, (6) Martha born 1857, (7) George, unknown, (8) Simon born 1862, married Dema McDonald 9 July 1883, his children went to Mt. Salem School, the family later moved to Revilee near Booneville, (9) John Riley born 1864 married Sarah Rogers 18 Nov 1884, his family moved to Indian Territory in 1898 East of Tenkiller, now Sequoah County on Blackgum Mt.
Henry and Levi were born in North Carolina and the rest of the children were born in Yell County or Logan in the Rogers or Millard Community on Magazine Mountain.

Comments: The 1st Regiment was Union (served with Rogers and Adams under Wild Bill Heffington). "Arkansas Damned Yankees" had George age 35 at time of enlistment and birthplace Stanlin County, NC and Levi (who enlisted at the same time, same place) age 18 born in Stanlin County, NC. Jimmy Rogers was also Union. The "Arkansas Damn Yankees" does not indicate that George died in the War. Prior to 1850 Yell County was part of Pope County. The western part of the county was in Scott County. Chickalah would have been in Pope County part.

On 24 Mar 1841 when George Riley was 26, he married Lavinia LIPE, daughter of Henry LIPE & Leah BLACKWELDER. Born on 20 Nov 1820 in North Carolina. Lavinia died on 17 Jun 1909, she was 88.

They had the following children:
2 i. Martha Jane (1856-1932)
3 ii. John Riley (1864-)
iii. Isaac.
4 iv. Mary Elizabeth (1858-1911)
v. George. Born abt 1847.
5 vi. Simon P. (~1862-)
vii. Jacob. Born in Apr 1849.
6 viii. Levi (1846-1928)
7 ix. Henry (1843-1918)

Second Generation

2. Martha Jane FINK. Born on 11 Feb 1856. Martha Jane died in Yell County, AR on 5 Dec 1932, she was 76. Buried in Yell Co. AR.

In 1876 when Martha Jane was 19, she married George Steven ROGERS, son of Edley Jackson ROGERS & Mahala RODGERS. Born on 27 Feb 1851 in Hamilton Co., TN. George Steven died in Arkansas on 19 Sep 1935, he was 84.

Cemetery Records list George's birthdate as 27 Feb 1851, the 1900 Census Riley Twp., Yell Co., AR lists his birthdate as Feb 1855, birthplace is Tennessee.

Research: George Rogers was the son of Edley H. and Mahala Rogers of Hamilton County Tennessee...He lived in Tennessee but migrated to the Mt. Magazine area as a young man with some of his family. Living in the town of Millard which was located on the Shoal Creek at what is called Flat Rock Crossing. The town of Millard no longer exists(it is now Havana Rural Route). He was a farmer and part time minister having felt the "call to preach" which he continued to do most of his life. He took no money for his services as a minister holding the belief that a man should make his living by the "sweat of his brow" and that a calling from God was not a thing to be bought. He hand crafted rocking charis some of which are still being used by his descendants. A childs rocker mad of Hickory for one of his great-grandsons has been refinished and is being used by two of his gr-gr-gr-grandchildren. Another rocker also of Hickory, owned by Myrtle Marie Waters Moudy of Talkeetna, AR is now in a small early days museum in that town.

They had the following children:
i. Mahala. Born on 24 Jun 1877 in Logan Co., AR.
Mahala died on 14 Jan 1962, she was 84.
abt 1890 when Mahala was 12, she first married Joe WILSON.

On 17 May 1894 when Mahala was 16, she second married Hardin RITCHIE, in Yell Co. , Arkansas. Born in 1871.
ii. George Edley. Born on 5 Oct 1880 in Arkansas.
George Edley died in Yell County, AR on 20 Feb 1958, he was 77.
Buried in Feb 1958 in Waveland, Yell County, AR.

George Edley married Virginia BAKER. Born on 12 Mar 1885. Virginia died in Yell Co. , Arkansas on 27 Feb 1947, she was 61.
8 iii. Theara Emmiline (1880-1953)
iv. Ila. Born on 28 Oct 1882.

Ila married Henry SMITH.
v. Martha Louisa Elizabeth. Born on 3 Nov 1884 in Arkansas.

Martha Louisa Elizabeth married George William HENSON.
vi. Altha Jane. Born on 14 Jan 1886 in Arkansas.

Altha Jane married Odis SKINNER.
9 vii. Joseph Bert (1890-1972)
viii. Isaac John. Born on 13 Feb 1892 in Arkansas.
ix. James William. Born on 17 Mar 1893 in Arkansas.

On 20 May 1920 when James William was 27, he married Bessie MARSHALL. Born abt 1899.
x. Robert. Born on 31 Jan 1896. Robert died in Sep 1896.

3. John Riley FINK. Born in 1864.

abt 1880 when John Riley was 16, he married Sarah Elizabeth ROGERS. Born on 8 May 1863 in Hamilton Co., TN. Sarah Elizabeth died in Blackgum, OK on 14 May 1945, she was 82.

They had the following children:
i. Lilly. Born in 1890. Lilly died in Arkansas in 1895, she was 5.
ii. Jess. Born on 7 Mar 1891. Jess died on 8 Jan 1976, he was 84.

Jess married Edith SAXON.
iii. Alice. Born in 1893 in Arkansas.

Alice married Joe SAXON.
iv. Joseph Pearle. Born on 9 Dec 1894. Joseph Pearle died on 29 Dec 1908, she was 14.
v. Lavina.
vi. Vernie.

Vernie married Pream LINDER.
vii. Carlton.

Carlton married Maud GOLDEN.
viii. Marlin Guy. Born on 24 Apr 1900. Marlin Guy died on 16 Sep 1965, he was 65.

Marlin Guy married Era CAMERON.
ix. Bessie.
x. Otto.

Otto married Lillian WILKS.

4. Mary Elizabeth FINK. Born on 25 Jan 1858. Mary Elizabeth died in Havana, Yell County, AR on 3 Oct 1911, she was 53. Buried in Oct 1911 in Havana, Yell County, AR.

On 18 Mar 1883 when Mary Elizabeth was 25, she married James Miles ROGERS. Born on 24 Nov 1857 in Tennessee. James Miles died in Havana, Yell County, AR on 29 Mar 1939, he was 81.

Came to Arkansas from Tennessee when he was 10 years old. Joined the Free Will Baptist Church at the age of 19.

They had the following children:
i. Julia Fair. Born on 15 Feb 1884.

Julia Fair married Henry ROSE.
ii. James Benjamin. Born on 3 Oct 1885. James Benjamin died on 30 Nov 1967, he was 82.
iii. Charlie Acie. Born on 30 Apr 1887. Charlie Acie died in Arizona on 16 Aug 1981, he was 94.

abt 1908 when Charlie Acie was 20, he first married Minnie Adalade McCUBBIN. Born on 21 Sep 1890. Minnie Adalade died on 19 May 1929, she was 38.

abt 1937 when Charlie Acie was 49, he second married Melissa Jane RICH.
iv. Elmer Lesley. Born on 29 Aug 1889 in Millard, Arkansas. Elmer Lesley died in Millard, Arkansas on 12 Aug 1900, he was 10. Buried in Aug 1900 in Yell/Logan County Line.
v. Millard David. Born on 3 Dec 1889. Millard David died in May 1945, he was 55.

Millard David married Leola Bell DARROUGH. Born on 24 Jan 1889. Leola Bell died on 24 Aug 1969, she was 80.
vi. Alfred Asbury. Born on 12 Feb 1891. Alfred Asbury died in 1967, he was 75.

On 25 Dec 1913 when Alfred Asbury was 22, he first married Martha J. WHITE, in Millard, Arkansas. Born abt 1896.

abt 1934 when Alfred Asbury was 42, he second married Elsie A. DARROUGH. Born in 1901. Elsie A. died in 1974, she was 73.
vii. Ervey E.. Born on 25 Sep 1892. Ervey E. died in Bentonville, Arkansas on 21 Mar 1952, he was 59.

On 1 May 1920 when Ervey E. was 27, he married Mary Jewell STEWART.
viii. Oscar O.. Born on 7 Feb 1895 in Millard, Arkansas. Oscar O. died on 20 Jun 1953, he was 58.

Oscar O. married Lydia Clinton DARROUGH.

5. Simon P. FINK. Born abt 1862 in Logan County, Arkansas.

On 12 Jul 1883 when Simon P. was 21, he married Olivia Dedema MCDONALD, in Logan County, Arkansas.

They had one child: 10 i. Quilla Lavina (1893-1943)

6. Levi FINK. Born in 1846 in Cabarrus, North Carolina. Levi died in Yell County, Arkansas in 1928, he was 82. Buried in Yell Co. AR.

Levi Fink
From the Yell County Heritage by Yell County Historical and Genealogical Association
Yell County, Arkansas

Levi Fink Levi Fink was born in 1846 in Cabarrus County, N.C. and died in 1928 in Yell County. He came with his family to Yell County ca 1850 with the Lipes and Harkeys. Julia Ann Lipe Harkey was the sister of Levina Lipe who married George Fink that was hung during the Civil War. Eleanor Fink (who married Moses Harkey of Harkey's Valley was also hung during Civil War) is probably George's sister. Isaac Lipe married Mary Fink who is another sister of George's as they reared George Will. Levi was first married to Susan Lipe and they had one son, George W. Fink, who married Lucinda Robinson 5 Aug 1886. They had several children, Offa Fink is the only living, his 2nd marriage was to Henrietta Walker Bone. She was born 1841 in Gibson County, Tennessee and died in Yell County in 1882 and is believed to be buried in Walker Cemetery. Her parents were Thomas A. Walker and Malissa Dicy.

Levi and Henrietta's children are (1) Albert born 30 Jan 1869 and married Mary L. Gunter 13 Jan 1887. They had two sons and one daughter. (2) Martha married Jim Reeves, died with first baby. (3) Charlie was born 1876, married Nicey Tate. They had several children in the Magazine area, a son, Kenneth Fink lives in Havana. Malissa was born 2 July 1877 and died 23 Nov 1956. She married Phillip Spivey. Phillip was born 1 Jan 11875 and died 26 Feb 1952. Both are buried in Havana Cemetery. They had a large family, all born in Yell County and many grandchildren still live in the county. One daughter, Irene Turner, and two daughters-n-law, Juanita White Spivey and Illa Robinson Spivey live in Havana. Newt L. Fink was born 16 July 1875 and died 16 July 1957. He married Modenia Gray who was born 24 Feb 1886. They are both buried in Upper Spring Creek cemetery near Belleville. They had 15 children. Only two in Yell County are still living, Vernice Lyons and Marice Fink, Johnnie lives in Dallas, Texas.

(6) Benjamin Franklin was born 2 May 1882 Belleville, married Julia Mae Hodges 19 Feb 1907. Julia was born 8 June 1888. She died 16 May 1919. They had four children: One daughter Henna Fink Johnston Clark of California and George Fink living in Dardanelle are the only ones living. Clarion died in 1936 and Mae in 1992 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ben married Hattie Thompson in 1935, she had three sons all still living. Hattie died in 1975 in Atkins.

Levi's third marriage was to Eliza Mason Null, they had a son and daughter. Sanford Fink was born 2 Sept 1886, he first married Lilly Adams, they had one son, Bernie Fink, after she died he married Augusta Apple Bird. They had three children: Guy, Wayne, Marjorie Sue and Gay Offo. Sanford died 8 Aug 1959. Lillie Fink was born 13 April 1894 in Yell County, she first married Charlie Inman, they had three children: Fred, Helen and Troy. She and Charlie raised Bernie, son of Sanford and Lillie Adams Fink. Lillie died 6 July 1982 and Charlie died 27 Jan 1953. Both are buried in Havana Cemetery.

Levi's fourth marriage was to Tabitha McBride Gray. They had one daughter, Cordia, born 27 May 1898 who married Cleve Burrows. They had several children, one daughter Emma Jane married Clyde Bull lives in Belleville. Cordia and family moved to California. Submitted by George and Elizabeth Fink

List of voters Riley Precinct, Sept 26, 1870 List of voters Riley Precinct, Sept. 19, 1872.

abt 1864 when Levi was 18, he first married Susan LIPE.

They had one child: 11 i. George W.

On 3 Sep 1868 when Levi was 22, he second married Henrietta Caroline WALKER, daughter of Thomas H. WALKER & Malissa DICEY, in Yell Co. AR. Born on 7 Apr 1842 in Gibson, Tennessee. Henrietta Caroline died in Havana , Yell, Arkansas in 1882, she was 39.

They had the following children:
i. Albert. Born on 30 Jan 1869.

On 13 Jan 1887 when Albert was 17, he married Mary L. GUNTER.
ii. Martha. Born abt 1870.

Died in Childbirth with first child

Martha married Jim REEVES. iii. Malissa. Born on 2 Jul 1877. Malissa died in Havana, Yell County, AR on 23 Nov 1956, she was 79. Buried in Havana, Yell County, AR.
12 iv. Newt L (1875-1957)
13 v. Benjamin Franklin (1882-1965)
14 vi. Charles "C.C." (1876-)
vii. H.M. Born abt 1873 in Arkansas.
viii. J.L.. Born abt 1868.

abt 1885 when Levi was 39, he third married Eliza Mason NULL.

They had the following children:
15 i. Silas Sanford (1886-1959)
16 ii. Lillie Mae (1894-1982)

aft 1894 when Levi was 48, he fourth married Tabitha McBRIDE. Born in 1861 in Arkansas. Tabitha died in Havana, Yell County, AR in 1927, she was 66.

Parents were Jackson McBride and ? Hodges. Father was killed in Civil War She was an only child and when Tabitha's mother died she went to live with Harriet and Van Gray (her mother's sister), then she married Harriet's son John. In family of William Allen in 1870 census, there were Hodges on both sides of Allens in 1870 census. Married after 1880.

They had one child: i. Cordia. Born on 27 May 1898 in Arkansas.

Cordia married Cleve BURROWS.

7. Henry FINK. Born on 2 Jun 1843 in Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC. Henry died in Logan Co., AR in 1918, he was 74. Buried in Logan Co., AR.

Yell County Heritage
By Yell County Historical and Genealogical Association
Yell County, Arkansas
P 298 and 299

Henry Fink, son of George Fink and Levina Lipe Fink was born 2 June 1843 in Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina. He was married 26 Feb 1867 in Danville, Arkansas to Emily Hodges who was the daughter of Ambrose and Dollie Aiken Hodges. Emily was born in 1849, died 17 Nov 1913. Henry died 31 Oct 1918 in Millard on Mt. Magazine; both are buried in Rogers Cemetery at Liberty Church.

They had nine children: (1) Joanna Elvina, born 13 Jan 1868, married Steven Andrew Rogers 10 Nov 1885; (2) William Isaac born 1 Mar 1870 and died 1949. He married Fannie J., she died 1957, both are buried in Havana Cemetery, (3) Rebecca "Beckie" born 1872 married George Churchman; (4) Laura E. born Mar 1875, (5) Nathaniel Levi born 19 Aug 1877 married Belle Lee 1 Jan 1899, died 16 Feb 1978 in Atoka, Oklahoma; (6) John T. born 25 Feb 1880, died 22 Mar 1962, his wife was Isabella Ewing Fink, born 1887 in Chicota, Oklahoma, (8) Macie N. was born 1 Jan 1886 and married Ida Modena who was born 28 Oct 1892 and died 1958. Both are buried in Rogers Cemetery, (9) Mary Candace was born 9 Sep 1890.

Henry was a veteran of the Civil War; he enlisted in the 14th Calvary Kansas at Ft. Blunt in 1863 and was mustered out at Pine Bluff in July 1865. He returned to Huckleberry Mountain where he raised his family. He has many descendants living in the county.


Millard Is Havana rural route now. (On Magazine Mountain) Rogers Cemetery is shown as both Rogers and Liberty in the Cemetery listings.

On 26 Feb 1867 when Henry was 23, he married Emily HODGES, in Danville, Yell County, AR. Born in 1849 in Tennessee. Emily died in Logan Co., AR on 17 Nov 1913, she was 64.

They had one child: 17 i. John T. (1880-1962)

Third Generation

8. Theara Emmiline ROGERS. Born on 8 Nov 1880 in Logan Co., AR. Theara Emmiline died in Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR on 25 May 1953, she was 72. Buried in Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR.

On 23 Sep 1902 when Theara Emmiline was 21, she married James Monroe WATERS, son of Robert Frank WATERS & Margret L. McBRIDE. Born on 14 Jul 1876 in Arkansas. James Monroe died in Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR on 30 Dec 1945, he was 69.

Source: 1880 Census

They had the following children:
i. Myrtle Marie (1910-1999)
ii. Laura Mae (1913-)
iii. Inis Kathryn (1919-)
iv. Robert Cecil (1903-1967)
v. George Orville (1904-1971)
vi. Lydia (1908-1990)

9. Joseph Bert ROGERS. Born on 6 Mar 1890 in Arkansas. Joseph Bert died on 23 Dec 1972, he was 82.

Joseph Bert married Carrie Marie Bell NELMS, daughter of David Samuel NELMS. Born in 1894. Carrie Marie Bell died in 1957, she was 63.

They had the following children:
i. Lena
ii. Luther
iii. Lloyd
iv. Alene (1919-1996)
v. Lewis

10. Quilla Lavina FINK. Born on 15 Oct 1893 in Logan County, Arkansas. Quilla Lavina died in Canute, Washita Co., Ok in 1943, she was 49. Buried in Canute, Washita Co., OK.

On 3 Nov 1912 when Quilla Lavina was 19, she married William Addison HEFFINGTON, son of Calvin Franklin HEFFINGTON M. D. & Nancy Madora Arthensia CARROLL, in Logan County, Arkansas. Born on 9 Oct 1887 in Yell County, Arkansas. William Addison died in Canute, Washita Co., Ok in 1972, he was 84.

They had one child:
i. Lucille (1928-1997)

11. George W. FINK.

On 15 Aug 1886 George W. married Lucinda ROBINSON.

They had one child: i. Offa

12. Newt L FINK. Born on 16 Jul 1875. Newt L died in Belleville, Yell Co., AR on 16 Jul 1957, he was 82. Buried in Upper Spring Creek, Yell, Arkansas.

Newt L married Modena GRAY, daughter of John A. GRAY & Tabitha McBRIDE. Born on 24 Feb 1886 in Havana, Yell, Arkansas. Modena died in Dardanelle, Yell, Arkansas on 27 Aug 1968, she was 82.

They had the following children:
i. Charlie
ii. Bill
iii. Maurice
iv. Levi
v. Johnnie Mae (-1983)
vi. Fronnie
vii. Verniece (1915-1999)
viii. Icie
ix. Lorene
x. Vonie

13. Benjamin Franklin FINK. Born on 2 May 1882 in Belleville, Yell Co., AR. Benjamin Franklin died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co. , CA on 29 Apr 1965, he was 82.

Research: 1910 Census Ferguson Twp., Yell Co., AR. ED#166 1920 Census, Ferguson Twp., Yell Co., AR.

On 19 Feb 1907 when Benjamin Franklin was 24, he married Julia Mae HODGES, in Yell Co. AR. Born on 8 Jan 1888. Julia Mae died on 16 May 1919, she was 31.

They had the following children:
i. Clarion C. (1911-)
ii. Julia Mae (1914-)

14. Charles "C.C." FINK. Born in 1876 in Arkansas.

Charles "C.C." married Nicey TATE.

They had the following children:
i. Roy (~1905-)
ii. Leonard (~1907-)
iii. E. Fonzy (~1910-1974)

15. Silas Sanford FINK. Born on 2 Sep 1886 in Arkansas. Silas Sanford died in Havana, Yell County, AR on 8 Aug 1959, he was 72. Buried in Aug 1959 in Havana, Yell County, AR.

abt 1916 when Silas Sanford was 29, he first married Lillie Ann ADAMS, daughter of Simon Wylie ADAMS & Cleo Patra Palestine NELMS. Born in Nov 1899 in Yell County, AR. Lillie Ann died in Havana, Yell County, AR in 1920, she was 20.

They had one child:
i. Bernie (1917-)

aft 1920 when Silas Sanford was 33, he second married Augusta (Gussie) APPLE, daughter of John A. APPLE & Martha E. "Mattie" PARKER. Born in Sep 1895 in Yell Co. , Arkansas. Augusta (Gussie) died in Sand Springs, Oklahoma on 24 Jun 1989, she was 93.

They had the following children:
i. Gay Ozzo (1928-1973)
ii. Guy Sanford (1925-)
iii. Marjorie Sue "Sudie" (1926-1998)

16. Lillie Mae FINK. Born on 13 Apr 1894 in Yell Co. AR. Lillie Mae died in Havana, Yell County, AR on 6 Jul 1982, she was 88. Buried in Havana, Yell County, AR.

Lillie Mae married Charlie INMAN. Born on 12 Jan 1892. Charlie died in Havana, Yell County, AR on 27 Jan 1953, he was 61.

They had the following children:
i. Fred
ii. Helen
iii. Troy

17. John T. FINK. Born on 25 Feb 1880 in Arkansas. John T. died in Booneville, Yell Co., AR on 22 Mar 1962, he was 82.

On 5 Jul 1908 when John T. was 28, he married Lula Mae BARFIELD. Born on 24 Aug 1891 in Kentucky. Lula Mae died in Logan Co., AR on 20 Jul 1925, she was 33.

They had the following children:
i. Ratha (1909-1975)
ii. Minnie
iii. Carl L. (1916-1961)
iv. William Paul (1917-1948)
v. Raymond (1925-1931)

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