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Richard Drake b.1610

First Generation



1. Richard DRAKE was born in 1610 in England.

Richard1 Drake, a serge maker who was born about 1610-20; married Thomazine [--?--] before 1647 (possibly by 1640, if they were also parents of the Mary who was transported with them).(34) Residents of South Petherton Parish in county Somerset, England, during the period 1647-50,(35) they removed to Bristol in the adjacent county of Gloucester, where--on 6 September 1658--they indentured themselves to Andrew Ball, mariner, in return for transportation to the New World.(36) Neither Richard and Thomazine nor the Mary Drake who shipped with them have been located past that date.

Richard married Thomazine? UNKNOWN.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i John DRAKE was christened on 3 May 1647. He died in 1689.
  3 M ii Thomas DRAKE was christened on 7 Jun 1650 in South Petherton Parish, County Somerset, England.

Thomas2 Drake (Richard1) was baptized 7 June 1650 in South Petherton Parish, county Somerset, England,(45) after a probable birth on 1 April of that year. In the nearby port city of Bristol, on 6 September 1658, his father bound the family to the mariner Andrew Ball to finance their transportation to the New World--young Thomas for a term of twelve years.(46) A record of 1669 shows him serving his indenture in the household of Edward and Elizabeth Gibbs, from whom he was to gain his freedom on 1 April 1671; (47) however, his headright was claimed by Colonel Arthur Smith.(48) Marital information on this Thomas is not known. He appears to be the Thomas Drake who purchased land from Lawrence Hobby in Chowan County, N.C., in 1717;(49) if so, he died by 1727, when his land was sold by his apparent first-born son.(50) There is no known will and no proved list of his children. However, by analogy to the foregoing rationale for the children of John2 Drake, the probable issue of Thomas2 Drake--born while he was still a resident of Isle of Wight--were as follows:

7. i. Aaron3 Drake, born about 1685;(51) witnessed a deed of Barnaby McKinney to Joseph Brachaw, 18 July 1715, in Isle of Wight.(52) As the proposed son of Thomas, he probably moved across the colony line to North Carolina between that summer of 1715 and 1717; by 1719 he had become a patentee himself in Chowan,(53) and in 1720 he was recorded as a member of Captain Robert Patterson's company along Chowan's Meherrin River.(54) In 1723, the year that precinct split to form Bertie, Aaron purchased land from Hobby also; (55) and in 1727 Aaron (with one Robert Scott) sold to Samuel Elson(56) a tract that included the fifty acres Hobby had previously sold to Thomas. Unless there is an unrecorded deed between Thomas and Aaron, this land should have passed to the latter by inheritance.

+ 8. ii. Richard Drake, Jr., born about 1690; married Margaret [--?--]; died between 28 February and 13 September 1759 in Southampton County, Virginia.(57)

9. iii. Arnold Drake, who appears in extant records only at his death. On 21 July l719 in Chowan, the administration of his estate was granted to his widow Mary.(58) The inventory taken shortly after names one Thomas Drake (who could be either father or brother) as a creditor.(59)

+ 10. iv. John Drake, Jr., born about 1695; married Sarah Bryant; died about January 1728/29.(60)

11. v. Thomas Drake, born about 1695.(61) If the 1717 Chowan deed from Hobby and the 1719 reference to one Thomas Drake in the estate of his presumed brother Arnold (62) pertain to his father rather than to him, then the younger Thomas is first found in the North Carolina records in 1725, followed by appearances in 1733/34 and 1739.(63)