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Salt Lake City LDS Lookup Requests

It seems many people have found that after conducting a search for an ancestor at the site have found that the record they are looking for is restricted.  This means that a trip to Salt Lake City is necessary to obtain the needed information.

Since many of us either don't have the resources necessary to take a trip to SLC, or other reasons prevent us from doing so, this page has been developed.

The purpose of this site is for those needing information from the SLC LDS library to post their requests.  Those who live in or near SLC or those planning a visit in the near future and want to become FHC Angels and lookup information for others can come to the site and choose requests from those posted.

In short, this site will put FHC Angels in touch with those needing lookups.

If you would like to request a lookup or if you would like to become an FHC Angel and perform a lookup, please read the information on the guidelines page before continuing by clicking on the Guidelines link at the left.

If you would like to browse lookup requests that have been posted, please click on List of Requested Lookups at the left.

If you are an FHC Angel and have completed a lookup, please fill out the Completed Lookup Form by clicking on the link at the left.