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This page has been designed to show the progress of Evelyn Avery's research to prove the connection of the Thatcher name, specifically Richard Thatcher, as the grandfather of William Hatcher, bn 1705. But, of course, in her search, she will also be attempting to prove the families of the sons of Richard, namely Richard, Jr, Amos, and Bartholomew. It is believed that Joseph, the 4th son, was the father of William Hatcher.

We welcome any documented additions or corrections to this effort.

The Family

RICHARD THATCHER was born Abt. 1620 in Uffington, Berkshire, England, and died c Mar 1690, BucksCo, PA.

Richard, an original land owner received 1000 acres from William Penn in 1682. In Richard's will of 1690, he deeded his rights to sons, Bartholomew and Joseph Thatcher. These Thatchers may have come from Bucks, PA and were Quakers. Source: Gordon Hatcher

Children of RICHARD THATCHER are:
(See Will of Richard Thatcher)

  1. RICHARD THATCHER, Jr b. c1645.
  2. AMOS THATCHER b. c1647.
  4. JOSEPH THATCHER b. c1669, Uffington, Berkshire, England, d. BucksCo, PA.
  5. SARAH THATCHER b. after 1672.
  6. RACHEL THATCHER b. c1680.
  7. MARTHA THATCHER b. c1682.
  8. MARY THATCHER b. after 1669.

The family of Bartholomew Thatcher
Contributed by Marilyn Wilson

Marilyn received family group sheets from Alana Bauman of DeMotte, IN, taken from the Bible and additional info. Alana indicated that the source of the info was from Nellie Thatcher, deceased; Josephine Robbins of Comstock Park, MI; the Bible at Hunterdon Co Historical Society and the will.

Bartholomew was shown to be the son of Richard - no source given. Bartholomew died before 1771, married Elizabeth ______ Note: Penn Gazette says they had 17 children.
His children were:

  1. Amos Thatcher born 1704, died 1779, married Lydia Prall (See Bible records for Thatcher/Prall)
  2. John Thatcher died 1749, married Susanna
  3. James Thatcher died 1799 at Hunterdon, married Mary Large
  4. Jeremiah Thatcher died 1790, married Ann Taylor
  5. Edmond Thatcher died 1797 at Sussex, married Elizabeth
  6. William Thatcher died 1803 at Hunterdon, married Margaret Taylor
  7. Joseph Thatcher died 1791, married Margaret Hull
  8. Thomas Thatcher, Sr died 1789 at Sussex, married Susanna
  9. Samuel Thatcher married Nancy

  10. (By inference only, no proof yet: Samuel settled in or near Phila, PA. Another Samuel died 1802, Hunterdon)
  11. Lorana Thatcher died 1818 at Hunterdon, married William Allen, Jr
  12. Elizabeth Thatcher died 1789, married John Taylor, Jr

The family of Amos Thatcher, son of Bartholomew

Children of Amos and Lydia Prall Thatcher:

  1. Elizabeth Thatcher married Noah Stout, Sr
  2. Mary Thatcher married Evan Godown
  3. Lydia Amy Thatcher married John Wilson
  4. Urania Thatcher married Moses LaRowe
  5. Martha Thatcher married Richard Woolverton
  6. Daniel Thatcher married Catharine Godown
  7. Job Thatcher married Rebecca Thatcher

  8. (Note from Nel: Rebecca was once believed to be Job's sister, but his wife was a Rebecca. It is not clear if her maiden name was Thatcher or if she was recorded under her married name.)

The family of Job Thatcher, son of Amos Thatcher

Children of Job and Rebecca Thatcher:

  1. Daniel Thatcher born 4 Oct 1780 married Ann ____ born 1 Aug 1785
  2. Sarah Thatcher born 29 Apr 1778 died 14 Mar 1848; married Josiah Prall born 9 Dec 1767, died 1 Aug 1829 (See Bible records for Thatcher/Prall)

The family of Joseph Thatcher, believed to be the father of William Hatcher.

JOSEPH THATCHER was born 1669 in Uffington, Berkshire, England.

Joseph deeded land to his son, William Hatcher. Source: Gordon Hatcher.


i. WILLIAM HATCHER SR b. Abt. 1704, BucksCo, PA; d. Bef. May 14, 1781, Goose Creek, LoudounCo, VA; m. ANN VANSANT November 13, 1727, BurlingtonCo, NJ.

The family of William Hatcher can be found at , the Quaker Hatchers file.

Notes (source not known at this time) for WILLIAM HATCHER, SR: William was received in the Fairfax Monthly meeting June 29, 1754. July 1757, he leased ten acres of land for a new Quaker meeting house for thirty shillings sterling and "one peppercorn in and upon the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel if demanded"; 1758 he violated the chastity of Rachel Tanner; reinstated for membership 1761; January 1764 was disowned for abusing his family, drinking and fighting; reinstated January 1773; disowned July 1773 for "walking contrary to discipline".

From Agatha A Hartley: William is descended from the Quaker Hatchers who came to Philadelphia in 1682 & settled in BucksCo, PA. These are NOT the HenricoCo, "William the Immigrant" Hatchers. This William moved to LoudounCo, VA where Goose Creek MM recorded as follows: William Hatcher & younger children recrq (received on certificate by request) 29 August 1754; his w Ann and dt Mary recrq 31 October 1754. This identifies the year of the move from BucksCo, PA to LoudounCo, VA.

From Evelyn Avery: William appears on the 1724 Bensalem, BucksCo, PA tax list as a wheelwright. He receives a Northern Neck Land Grant in what is now LoudounCo, VA in 1744. 


The Documents

Will of Richard Thatcher, certified on 9 Nov 1785 by the Philadelphia Register for the Probate of Wills and Granting Letters of Adm for the City and County of Philadelphia, endorsed at Philadelphia 24th Dec 1697, will dated 13 October 1690. Richard Thatcher was dead by the 10th of March 1690/1 per orphan court record dates.

Richard Thatcher's will names Richard Thatcher, Jr as his oldest son, and leaves him ownership of the 100 acres "which he hath cleared at the Pines." the rest of the estate is divided equally among his sons Bartholomew, Joseph and Amos. If all 3 should die without heirs, everything would go to the oldest daughter. His daughters are all under age, and he leaves them "20 pounds, to be paid unto them....when they come to Age." Their names are given in the order of: Sarah, Rachel, Martha, and Mary.

From "BucksCo, PA Orphan Court Records"

Mary Thatcher, daughter of the late Richard Thatcher is ordered to be placed with Thomas Tunniclif until she is 21. No mention is made of the 20 pounds she is to inherit when she becomes of age.

Sarah is to be placed with Joseph Growden until she is 18, and then she will receive 5 pounds (of her 20).

It was decided that William and Henry Paxton would keep the 2 children, Martha and Rachel Thatcher, and bring them with them the next time court met.

At court on 10th day of the first month 1690/1, Martha Thatcher was "placed forth - being about 8 years of age." She was placed with William Paxton. She is to get 2 pounds "at the end and expiration of 10 years to commence from this day..."

Rachel Thatcher "being about 10 years of age..." placed with Joseph Kirkbride for 8 years" and he is to pay her 6 pounds at the "expiration of the said time."

BucksCo, PA Deed Records 1684-1763 by John David Davis:

p 19: p 218, February 23, 1688, William Hayhurst, (elder son and heir of Cuthbert Hayhurst), BucksCo, PA to Henry Huddleston, husbandman of same, L10, 100 acres, bounded by James Dilworth and Richard Thatcher...patented 29 Dec 1685. Signed: William Hayhurst. Wit: John (x) Wood, William Beakes and Thomas Stackhouse.

p 22: p 281, 10 Sept 1689, Nicholas Walln, yeoman, of BucksCo, PA to William Hayhurst, yeoman, of same, L10, 50 acres....line of Richard Thatcher. Signed: Nicholas Walln. Wit: William Biles and William Beakes.

p 57: p 194, 5 Jun 1698, Bartholomew Thatcher and Richard Thatcher to Robert Heaton, L 61.6, 152 acres of 250 acres...line of formerly Cuthbert Hearst, John Scarborogh, and Nicholas Walln....patented by Richard Thatcher, who devised, 1690, to his sons, said Batholomew, Joseph, and Amos Thatcher. Signed: Batholomew Thatcher and Joseph Thatcher. Wit: Henry Grubb, John Burradaell, and Phineas Pemberton, power of attorney to Samuel Beakes.

p 83: p 116, 1 Mar 1703, Bartholomew and Joseph Thatcher, (sons and heirs of Richard Thatcher), carpenters, of BucksCo, PA to Robert Heaton, yeoman of Middle Twp, BucksCo, PA, L100, 100 acres...patented 1682. Signed: Batholomew Thatcher and Joseph Thatcher. Wit: Henry Nelson and James....

BucksCo, PA Deed Book, p 40, 14 Feb 1708:

Bartholomew Thatcher, carpenter, of Hopewell, BurlingtonCo, West New Jersey, and Joseph Thatcher (sons of Richard Thatcher) carpenter, of Southampton, BucksCo, PA.....sell 284 acres of 1000 acres to Clement Bennett and Stephen Whiteing.

BucksCo, PA Deed Book, p 36, 10 Apr 1713:

Enoch of Philadelphia to Johnson of Bristol Twp deed. Witnessed by Joseph Thatcher, Joseph Large, Peter Chamberlain and others.

Loudoun Co, VA Tithable Search for Thatchers - by ELA

Loudoun Co, VA was formed from Fairfax Co in 1757. the tithable lists exist, but there are missing pages, torn pages, etc., and sometimes whole years missing.

Richard Thatcher - 1762
Stephen - 1763 *
Bartholomew - 1765 *
John - 1768 *
Richard, Jr - 1771 *

* Note from Evelyn: The addition of these children indicates they have reached the age of 18, thus Stephen bn c1745, Bartholomew bn c1747, John bn c1750, Richard, Jr bn c1753. See will of Richard Thatcher below.

Thatchers of FrederickCo, VA

From Evelyn: These Thatchers are identified as sons of a Richard Thatcher who was of Pennsylvania and deceased in 1764. They resided in FrederickCo, VA, which is on the WV line, and are most likely the forefathers of the WV family branches. They were Quaker.

Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol 2, Grant: M-245
Samuel Thatcher and Stephen Thatcher, sons of richard Thatcher dec'd of PA, 188 A in FrederickCo, VA. Surveyed by Wm Baylis. Adj: Richard Beeson, said thatcher, John Baker, Thomas Cordery, Wm richa. 3 Feb 1764

Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol 2, Grant: N-91
David Miller of FrederickCo, 251 A on tuscorarah Branch in said Co. Survey Wm Baylis. Adj: James Glen, Richard Thatcher, foot of North Mountain, Cornelius Brupon. 5 Aug 1766.

Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol 2, Grant: N-149
James Glen of FrederickCo, 247 A on tuscorarah Branch in said Co. Survey John Baylis. Adj: his land, Richard Thatcher, Hugh Miller. 22 Aug 1766.

Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol 2, Grant: P-60
Samuel Thatcher of Frederick Co, 176 A under North Mountain in said Co. Surveyed 27 Apr 1752 by John Mauzy for James Jones who sold to James Sprarles...Richard Beason...Samuel Thatcher. Adj: John Baker, "Jacob or Daniel Thatcher," Job Curtice. 19 Aug 1771.

Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol 3, Grant: X-625
...28 Nov 1795 Thomas Thatcher and Jonathan Thatcher, 53 A, 11 Mar 1796 in Berkley Co on North Mountain, adj Samuel Thatcher, now Isaac Far.

Hopewell Friends MM, Frederick Co, VA

Marriage Certificate:
Samuel Thatcher of Barkley Co in Colony of VA and Mary Wright of Frederick Co, VA, 8 day, 9 month 1773 at Crooked Run Meeting House. Only Thatcher witness to sign: Stephen Thatcher.

Family Files: birth/death

Samuel Thatcher 11/8/1776
Mary Thatcher
Thomas 8/23/1774
Jonathan 7/9/1776

Stephen Thatcher
Martha 1/19/1781
William 3/7/1783
Jesse 12/1/1784
Thomas 9/22/1790
Mary 1/19/1791
David 7/5/1792

Certificate of Removal:

11/5/1787 Richard Thatcher from concord MM to Hopewell.
6/7/1790 Richard Thatcher from Hopewell to Concord MM.

Loudoun Co, VA Will Bk B, 1772-1782, p 373 *

THATCHER, Richard 1710-1781


    Ann Thatcher, Eldest daughter

    Stephen Thatcher, Eldest son

    Eliza Thatcher Harrison, daughter

    Reany Thatcher Osborn, daughter

    Katherine Thatcher, daughter

    Emy Thatcher Musgrove,, daughter

    Bartholomew Thatcher, son

    John Thatcher, son

    Richard Thatcher (Jr.), son

    Unknown girl, daughter

    Mary Thatcher Striplen, daughter

    Lidy Thatcher Palmer, daughter

    Rachel Thatcher, daughter

Joseph Hoff, husband of daughter unnamed

Abigail Forguson, granddaughter

Will - dated 12 May 1781 (Codicil) - dated 15 May 1781: will proved 13 Aug. 1781

In the name of God, Amen, I Richard Thatcher of the county of Loundoun and colony of Virginia, being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be the almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following.

That is to say; First - I give and bequeath to my eldest daughter Ann Thatcher, the sum of five shillings sterling if demanded.

I also give and bequeath to my eldest son Stephen Thatcher the sum of five shillings sterling if demanded.

I also give and bequeath to my second daughter, Eliza Harrison, wife of Alexander Harrison, the sum of five shillings sterling if demanded.

I also give and bequeath to my third daughter Reany Osborn, wife of Benjamin Osborn, the sum of five shillings sterling if demanded.

I also give and bequeath to my fourth daughter Katharine Thatcher, them seven cattle that is called hers.

I also give and bequeath to my fifth daughter Emy Musgrove, the sum of five shillings sterling if demanded.

I also give and bequeath to my third son John Thatcher five row of apple trees of that side of the orchard next to that meadow that I have given Him before with the land that the trees stand on and to make the line streight (strite) above and as nigh strite as he can with the lower end of the meadow fence.

I also give and bequeath to my son-in-law Joseph Hoff five shillings sterling if demanded.

I also give and bequeath to my forth son Richard Thatcher , all my right of the rest of the plantation that I now live on except my second son, Bartholomew Thatcher should come and if he does Richard and he must choose two reasonable men to value the place and Richard must pay Bartholomew one half of the value of it.

I give and bequeath to my seventh daughter Mary Striplin, wife of William Striplin, the sum of five shillings sterling if demanded.

I also give and bequeath to my eighth daughter Lidy Palmer the sum of five shillings sterling if demanded.

I also give and bequeath to my ninth daughter Rachel Thatcher them four cattle that is called hers.

I also give and bequeath to my grand-daughter Abigail Forguson them three cattle that is called hers and the rest of my estate if there is any after the payment of my just debts and funeral charges I leave to be equally devided between my three sons Barth olomew, John, and Richard Thatcher and I do appoint my sons John Thatcher and Richard Thatcher to be my whole executors of this my last will and Testament for witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 12 day of May in the year of our Lord 1781.

Richard Thatcher (his mark)

Witness - James Nicholls, James Matheny and Hannah Hurley

I Richard Thatcher of the county of Loudoun and colony of Virginia do this 15 day of May on the year of our Lord 1781 make and publish this codicil to my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say, I give and bequeath to my daughter Katherine Thatcher the Best Bed and furniture and the bed(?) and the walnut chest and one half of the Putter and the looking glass and my large Bible and one iron pot and one pot rack. I also give and bequeath to my daughter Rachel Thatcher the next best bed and furniture and bedding and the large Walnut Table and the other half of the Putter (pewter) and the frying pan and bake Iron and the other Iron Pot and Pot rack. I also give and bequeath to my granddaughter Abigail Forgusson them (unreadable) It is likewise my will that my daughters perform the bargin mentioned in a certain article between me and Jonathan Harlain for this present year. I give them one third of the wheat and rye in the ground and my part of the crop that they raise this year and the benefit of the meadow and orchard and all the rest of the place and stock till fall and all the wool paying this years rent and taxes. And lastly it is my desire that this my present codicil be annexed to and made a part of my last will and testament to all intents and purposes. In witness wereof I have hereunto let my hand and seal this 15 day of May 1781.

Richard Thatcher (his mark)

Witness - James Nichols, Michel Shore and Jonathan Palmer. LOUDOUN COUNTY WILLS (SLC F7668 pg 2, pg 373 - Will and pg 422 - Inventory: both recorded in Will Book B

* There is one entry between this will and the will of William Hatcher, son of Joseph Thatcher, written and proven 1781.

Family Records of Thatcher and Prall

The Thatcher and Prall families were of Hunterdon County. The will of Amos Thatcher (believed to be the son of Bartholomew) is abstracted in NJA 38:367.

The Bible in which the records were entered was presented to the Hunterdon County Historical Society by Mr Hugh Thatcher in 1966. The Bible bears inprint: "Trenton: Printed and Sold by Isaac Collins, MDCCXC. This is number 3182 of the GSNJ Family Records Collection.

Amos Thatcher was Born June 1704. He Died January th 18 Day 1798.
A Memorandom of the Children that was Born unto amos and Lydia Thatcher Deseas'd:

Joseph Thatcher was Born March th 11, 1727
Amos Thatcher was Born 9/2/1728
Elisabeth Thatcher was Born March th 25, 1729
Lydia Thatcher was Born Febuary th 8, 1731
Mary Thatcher was Born December th 21, 1733
Bartholomew Thatcher was Born November th 21, 1735
Sarah Thatcher was Born August th 31, 1737
Lydia Thatcher the second was Born June the 6, 1739
Urania Thatcher was Born June th 17, 1741
Azubah Thatcher was Born March th 23, 1743
Martha Thatcher was Born May th 12, 1745
Daniel Thatcher was Born January th 20, 1747
Amos Thatcher the second was Born November th 2, 1748
Job Thatcher was Born January th 24, 1754

Rebekah Thatcher was Born June th 27, 1759
The Children of Job Thatcher & Rebekah his wife:

Sarah Thatcher was Born April th 29 Day 1778
Daniel Thatcher was Born October th 4 Day 1780
Ann Thatcher the wife of Daniel Thatcher was Born August first Day 17??

Josiah Prall die august the 1, 1829 he was sixty one years and seven month and twenty two days old.
Sarah Prall die March the 14, 1848 sh(e) was sixty nine years and eleven month and fifteen days old.

Josiah Prall Was Born December the 9, 1767
Sarah Thatcher Was Born the 29 of April 1778
A Memorandom of the Children Born to Josiah Prall and Sarah His wife:

Samuel Prall was Born August the 7, 1798
Jeremiah Prall was Born October the 16, 1799
Thatcher Prall was Born June the 18, 1805
Mary Britton was Born March the 1, 1801
Jeremiah Prall and Mary Britton was maried October the 21, 1827
A memorandom of the children Born to Jeremiah Prall and Mary his wife:

Harriet Prall was Born November the 12, 1829

From will of Joseph Thatcher, Sr.
Contributed by Marilyn Wilson

Joseph Thatcher Sr, born ca Apr 12, 1705 (as calculated) died June 17, 1791
married Margaret_____ (Hull)
Children from will:

Samuel Thatcher
Bartholomew Thatcher
Joseph Thatcher

A Joshua Thatcher died 1793 and his will is in the Deeds Partly Proven #10053. He mentions only a son, Silvester Thatcher. Witness: George Head.

LoudounCo, VA Will Bk G, p 245, written and proven 1804

Richard Thatcher, Jr; wife, Mary; sons William, Jonah, Calvin; daus Nancy, Albine
Executor: Stacy Taylor
Witnesses: George Brown, William E Palmer, John Chamblin.

Loudoun Co, VA Will Bk L, p 186, written 1815

Stephen Thatcher; wife, Alice; Urias Ferguson; dau, Adah Cunnard; Edward Cunnard, Jr., Executor; grandson, Luther Calvin Cunnard; dau, Mary Chamblin; John Chamblin, Executor. Witnesses: Henson Elliott, Philip Thomas
Surety for Executor: Calvin Thatcher 


Evelyn's Notebook

(In) 1684 Richard Thatcher Sr owned 1000 A of land in Bucks Co PA, purchased on the 4th day after it became available from Penn. Whether anyone ever lived on any of it is a different story. The ones who received land in Bucks Co PA were also given a town lot in Philadelphia, and Richard Thatcher had two of those, one on survey H and one on survey F.

(In) 1690 Richard Sr died. His will was filed in Philadelphia, but Bucks Co PA took care of dispersing his orphans. The 4 girls named in his will were all under age, ages for two were given as 8 and one was 10. Since they were in Bucks, it would indicate that Richard did live there.

His will says his son Richard Jr has cleared and improved 100 A himself, and he can have that. None of the other land is mentioned as being improved. I found reference to one piece of land he owned that was not built upon for another 41 years.

(In) 1684 when all the other Quakers presented their certificates at the first meeting, Richard Thatcher did not, nor is he ever mentioned in the Middletown MM. There was some turmoil over George Keith trying to split, called the Keithian Secession (or something like that), and Richard Thatcher is among the index of those papers at a yearly meeting in PA. Son or Sr, it doesn't say.

(In) 1697/8 the estate is finally given an administration bond. Why it had to wait that long I don't know. It may be that it took that long for his heirs to come here to do it. He had singled out the one piece of property for Richard Jr, left the girls 20 pounds apiece and then left everything else to be split among the 3 brothers Amos, Bartholomew, and Joseph. In 1698, Joseph and Bartholomew begin selling off all the land. amos is not involved and must be deceased without heirs for them to just not mention him at all in these deeds. It gives their address as Bucks Co, PA. Barth and Jo are on the 1693 tax list for Middletown Twp.

(In) 1708 there is one of their deeds, the last of them, selling land that says Bartholomew is of Hopewell, Burlington Co West New Jersey. He is a carpenter. It says Joseph is of Southampton, Bucks Co, PA>

All these deeds always identify them as sons of Richard and getting the land in his 1690 will. The land lay on both sides of the Nashaminy Creek, part in Middletown Twp and part in Southampton Twp.

So Bartholomew did go across the river. By the will not receiving a probate until 1698 I wonder if the boys did not comer here until then. If they were just underage and needing to wait until then to be of age to seel the land, then they too would have needed a guardian and been in the court records. I think they may very well not have been in the country, and didn't come over to settle the estate until 1698. If they were here, and married with families, any one of them could have taken the sisters in, but no one did.

Then in 1728 William Hatcher is selling land, right out of the heart of the first settlement. It's only 10 acres. It says he got it from Joseph Thatcher, and they spell William Hatcher's name "Thatcher" in that part of the deed where they are talking about him getting the land. Tracing the land back by owners, it is right there! But this deed didn't get filed for some reason until 1870s, 150 years later. Perhaps it was filed under Hatcher by then because William Thatcher/Hatcher was using Hatcher exclusively by then.

Nowhere in any documents in deeds, orphan records, Quaker records for Middletown MM, is there a first name for the wife of Richard Thatcher given. There is also a Richard Thatcher in Chester Co records, and his is in early Quaker records there, and a different person than the one in Bucks Co.

From "History of Bucks Co, PA" by Davis, p 716: Bio of Samuel B Thatcher, son of Charles Thatcher, and grandson of Bartholomew Thatcher who "came here before the Rev War and settled in Quakertown, NJ." Samuel's father, Charles, went to Bucks Co, PA, and settled.

This Thatcher is the one the town of Thatcher, PA, is named for.

From abstracts of the Northern Neck Land Grants, two men, Stephen and Samuel, are identified as "sons of Richard Thatcher, of PA, deceased, 1764."


The Descendants

If you are a descendant of this Thatcher family and would like your name/email listed, please email me your direct line of descent and I will add your data.

Richard Thatcher, Joseph Thatcher, William Hatcher

Evelyn Avery

Gordon Hatcher

Richard ?, Bartholomew ?, Amos Thatcher/Lydia Prall, Lydia Amy Thatcher/John Wilson, Sr

Marilyn Wilson

Richard 1710, John Milton 1750, William L 1784, John Milton 1807, James Milton 1833, John Milton 1861

Sharon Alfsen

Geoffrey Thatcher 

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