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Civil War Pension Files

Family Military Service

Apache Jack - Matt Longley

The Longley Captivity

the shooting of Russel Hunter


Census Records

Elkhorn Tavern

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First Cousins - all grandsons of George Longley and Grace Savage
Benjamin Longley
(ca 1824 - ca 1905)
son of William M Longley and unknown
George Washington Longley
(5 Nov 1840 - 7 Jul 1925)
son of William M Longley and Sarah Sanders
George Washington Longley
(6 Dec 1825 - 27 Oct 1904)
son of Robert Longley and Margaret Presgraves
Robert Longley
(31 Aug 1833 - 25 Sep 1917)
son of George W Longley and Elizabeth Hiler
Franklin McNichol Longley
(23 May 1849-24 Jun 1906)
son of Samuel Longley and Harriet Hammer


Family photo albums
Some Longley pics
Longley, Hunter, Culp, Sidey
Some Knowles pics
Knowles in Winfield
Knowles in SW Virginia
Some Akers pics
Akers in SW Virginia
Harvey Dwyer pics
Harvey Dwyer Family
Pinkston Family
George & Sarah Longley family
George and Sarah Longley


Family groups
Akers Cox Culp Dwyer
Hunter Ingram Knowles Longley
Pinkston Savage Sidey



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from THE FORT WAYNE NEWS, March 7, 1899, page 8     Coincidence? or Related? A branch of our LONGLEYs had been in the Fort Wayne Area of Indiana from about 1845 to present day. Was this hat named for our LONGLEYs, or was it named elsewhere? Probably Coincidence. In 1932, there was a lawsuit over a will. The decedent was "Hat Millionaire Albert W Longley" from the Chicago area who died sometime before 1930 and married the first of his three wives (Alice) about 1878. That Albert W Longley was from the Massachusetts bunch of Longleys and probably not related to our clans.

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