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Baker's Gulch Cemetery
(Baker Farm Burying Ground)
County Rt. 119, Eastbound at Jct. of County Rt. 14


Overview of Baker's Gulch Cemetery

Anything marked with a * leads to a note at the end of the page.

Overview of Baker's Gulch Cemetery. (Full Size) 1,2 3,4,5,6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Baker's Gulch Cemetery is usually overgrown.  Here is a photo from Kuzzin Bill, taken several years ago, as it usually looks.

*Charles D.(or O) Baker 1857-1927, and Melissa R. Wife of Charles D. Baker.

*Crosby, John W. 1850-1909, Maria B. His Wife 1852-1878, Chloe J. His Wife, 1851-1907, Floyd B. 1883-1900 View 1, 2, 3, 4 (Floyd also has separate stone).

 Floyd, Son of John and Chloe Crosby 1883-1900 View 1,2 (also on parents stone, see above).

Cynthia Thomas, born March 14, 1804, Died March 1, 1882. View 1,2 (Cynthia Thomas, was Cynthia Crosby, dau. of Hannah Baker, and Richard Crosby.  She married 1st Absalom Travis, and then to an unknown Thomas.

*Elias S. Baker, born Sept. 22, 1826, view 1, 2, 3, and Sarah A. His Wife Born April 6, 1833, died Mar. 16, 1858 view 1,2.

*Jeremiah Baker, died December 23, 1825, AE__Yrs. view 1, 2  next to it the American Revolutionary War Plaque. NOW.. thanks to Kuzzin Bill.. a photo showing a part of this stone, no longer visible, and a portion of his wife Anne's stone, no longer found!!! 

Hila, Wife of Jeremiah Baker died November 22, 1871, Aged 75 years 7 mo. (first Husband was Phineas Stephens).

Eunice, Wife of Jeremiah Baker, died Aug. 8, 1829 View 1,2,3. Second Stone for Eunice.

*Joseph Hallett, (View 1,2,3, 4) Died July 5, 183(9), Eunice, Wife of Joseph Hallett (View 1,2,3).

*Father, Asa M. Baker, 1824-1909, and Mother, Mary A. Baker 1825-1853.

Infant son of N. S. & Roxy BAKER, View 1,2  Died March 6, 18__ age 3 yrs__ Baker

Libbie, daughter of N. S. & Roxy BAKER, view 1,2  died, Oct. 12, 1862, Aged 5 Yrs, 11 mo, __days

William, son of Daniel (I think) Ordway, died April (I think) aged 10 yrs, __months, 28 days

*Hector C. Baker, died April 25, 1859 age 43 years, 10 mos, 19 days view 1,2,3Melissa, wife of H. C. Baker, Died Sept. 19, 1896 Age 75 years.

*James Baker Died, Nov. 27, 1901 aged 85 yrs, Co. G. Reg't N.Y. Vo

Emeline H. Daughter of Hector C. & Julia BAKER (can't read, but other  info I have, gives Birth as March 26, 1842, and Death March 9, 1859) view 1,2.

Linnett, Daughter of Asa M. & Mary __BAKER, Died, June 7, 1858, Age 4 yrs, 8 Mo, & 12 Days

 MOB Mary Otto Baker

Not very legible, ___of Mary A. Baker 


Hattie Died July ____ in back footstone with HSR (View 1, 2)

*Rev. Jacob Decker, view 1,2 died Jan. 12, Age 56 yrs, 6 mos 25 days

 In Memory of Amos B. Stanton, Lieut. A. B. Stanton, Killed at the Battle of Petersburg June 16, 1864. View 1,2.  Age 38 Years (I believe it reads 38). (Eunice M. Crosby, his wife is related to the BAKER family).

Lewis L. son of A. B. and E. M. Stanton died June 19, 1880.  View 1,2,3.

*William S. Crawford, Born Dec. 21, 1821, Died Dec. 1, 1896, Hannah M. born May 12, 1822, Died Nov. 29, 1870 fullview close up.

Evangeline, daut. of William & Minerva Crawford, Died March __

 Philena daut. of William & Minerva Crawford, Died June 5, 1860, AE __y, 10 mo, 27 d.

1796  stone with hand carved B.C lettering, unknown Baker Cemetery view 1,2 

Three unknown markers

Four unknown markers

Two unknown markers

Large group of unknown markers

Lots of unmarked stones

More unmarked stones

and more....

and more...


small unmarked stone

more unidentifiable stones

and last but not least..more unrecognizable stones 1,2,3,4,5

Alfred C. Crosby, Died July 5, 1874, AE 50 ys. view 1,2,3, Mason Symbol at top of stone

Hector, son of John & Cynthia Crosby (view 1,2) Died Aug. 18, 1841, aged 1 yr, 2mo, 16 days in back on right side, foot stone (Hector and James are probably the children of James Estes Collier and Eunice M. (Baker) Collier).

Nelson H. Son of John & Cynthia Crosby, died Feb. 25, 1841 aged 5 years, (I think 11 mos.) & 15 D's. view 1,2, footstone

Jedediah  Son of John & Cynthia Crosby died August 10, 1836 View 1, 2. (Cynthia was one of Jeremiah Baker Jr.'s daughters.

Hila M. daughter of John & Cynthia Crosby died May 1, 1844(i think) aged 11 years & 30 days 

Hila Ann, daughter of ____& Abigail Crosby died July 8, 1832, Aged 1 year & 6 mos

*Benjamin Crosby DIED Nov. 9, 1878 AE 53 yrs, 3 mo, 17ds,view 1,2

Broken, unrecognizable stones

Charles N. Hall

Mabel, Infant daughter of Charles & Melissa E. Hall, Died Jun 21, 1874

 *Mary L. Daughter of Charles & Melissa Hall, Died, Dec. 15, 1862 Aged 3 Yrs, 2 Mo., 18ds, Nathan A., son of Charles & Melissa Hall, Died June 26, 1864 Aged 1 Yr, 2 mo., 4 ds. (one stone) 

Sydney C. Son of Charles & Melissa Hall 

Newman Preston Born Jan 8, 1795, Died Aug. 14, 1871, his foot stone, Clarissa S. Wife of N. Preston, Born Feb. 9, 1800, Died July 7, 1852

___M unrecognizable stone

Dau.(view 1,2) of Fred & Iza Roosa Died 1890

Emely, daughter of Daniel & (Harriet) Marshall died Sept. 6, 1841 aged 1 year & 6 months
Footstone, with initials E D

Footstone, with initials J D

Footstone, view 1,2 with H B (or E)

Hector, Died March (May) 9, 1867, Aged 9 mos (or years), James Died June 25, 1867 Aged 10 mos (or years) Children of J. E. & E.M. Collier

*Julia A. wife of J. E. Lumb--- DIED ___ys, ___mos. 10 d.


The following is a list, sent to me, by Kuzzin Bill, some of the information is speculation, some of it is information which he compiled from other sources, and some of it, is information not on the above list, as the stones are no longer there or legible. I always welcome, any input, whether fact or speculation to help put the pieces together:

Joseph Hallett, died 1863, may have been a son of Nelson Hallett, and Mary Ann Baker Hallett.

Reverand Jacob Decker, died Jan 12, 1865, was perhaps a local minister.

Mary L. Hall, died 1862, may have been Mary Lewis Hall, and if this is so, she was a daughter of Cynthia Baker Lewis, one of Jeremiah Baker Jr.'s sisters.

Clarissa Preston, 1806-1862 and Newman Preston, January 8, 1795 - August 14, 1871.  Clarissa was a daughter of Thankful Baker Stephens, another of Jeremiah Baker Jr.'s sisters. (Stone/Stones were not visible.)

Jeremiah Baker, died Dec. 23, 1825, part of the stone that no is no longer visible:  "AE 78 Yrs, Organized the M. E. Church in Canisteo."

Jeremiah Baker Jr. April 18, 1791 - June 17, 1883 AE 67 yrs, 2 ms, 2 ds.  Stone no longer visible.

Eunice, April 17, 1794 - August 8, 1829 aged 35 years.  She was Jeremiah Jr.'s first wife.  Stone no longer visible.

Hector C. Baker, June 6, 1815-April 29, 1859, a son of Jeremiah Jr.'s. and Melissa is Julia Melissa (Stephens) Baker, is Hectors wife.

The Meehan list, which Kuzzin Bill has, notes a very worn stone of an S. Baker, followed by 188(last number illegible).  This may be Simeon Baker, a son of Noah Baker, a brother of Jeremiah Jr.'s  He was probably born in 1823.  A reason for this suggestion is that the next listing in sequence is for another of Noah's sons. Stone no longer visible.

James Baker, 1816 - November 27, 1901, at 85 years, Co. G., 86 Regt. NY Vols. James was a son of Noah Baker, brother of Jeremiah Baker Jr.

Julia A. wife of J. E. ____ (bottom of list above).. may be James Baker's wife.  The Meehan list has no dates but states  there was a flag on her grave, leading to the assumption that it is a GAR flag for James.

Hector Baker, stone no longer visible, probably a duplicate stone.

Charles D (or O) and Melissa Baker.  Charles was a son of Asa Baker.

Asa Baker, 1824-1909, son of Jeremiah Baker Jr., and Mary his wife, was former Mary Ann Otto.

Benjamin Crosby, died November 9, 1878, suggests that he was a son of Benjamin and Abigail (Powers) Crosby, the father, Benjamin being the son of Richard and Hannah (Baker) Crosby.

John W. Crosby (1850-1909) Identity not known, but an assumption is that he is probably a son of Benjamin Crosby and Roba Preston.

Elias S. Baker, born September 11, 1826, no death date on stone, because he moved to Minnesota).  He was a son of Jeremiah Baker Jr.'s.***** Sarah A. Baker, was his first wife, his second wife was Rose Andrews.

Anna/Anne Stephens Baker, "His wife Died Nov. 10, 1826, AE 78 Yrs., Captured by the Indians in the Wyoming Massacre and rescued by her husband."  The Meehan list omitted Anna. The stone at one time had been broken in half, and rejoined with two iron rods.  A small dead tree was directly in front of the stone.  It is no longer visible, could be covered over by dirt and grass but was found directly to the right of Jeremiah Baker's stone.
(Thanks to Kuzzin Bill a photo is now above showing a part of this stone!!!)

The Meehan Records add these names from the "Julius Hitchcox Funeral Books."

William Crawford**, December 21, 1821-December 1, 1896.  Records state he was born in Rathboneville, NY and died in Adrian, NY.  

Hannah Minerva Dean Crawford**, May 12, 1822-Nov. 28, 1879.  The assumption is that Hannah is William Crawford's wife.

James Crawford** 1867-April 15, 1882.  (Birth date may be wrong as source writing isn't too legible.)  Born in Canisteo, Marker ordered by Daniel Ordway.

Daniel Marshall**, 1814-February 20, 1886.  Born in Wheeler Twp.,NY, died in Adrian, NY.  Marker ordered by W. H. Ordway.

Nelson Hallett, 1816-January 20, 1883.  born in Cameron, NY, died in Adrian, NY.  He was the husband of Mary Ann (Baker) Hallett (1818-1888) daughter of Jeremiah Baker Jr.'s.

Nancy Crosby, 1822-May 30, 1882, born in Canisteo, NY, died in Adrian, NY.  Marker ordered by Nathan Crosby.  Nathan was the son of Richard and Hannah Thomas Marshall Crosby, the second wife.  Hannah Baker Crosby died in 1812.

John Crosby, died Dec. 10, 1882.  Funeral was at the residence of Mrs. Stanton. Mrs. Stanton was Eunice M. Crosby, his mother.  The stone was ordered by Nathan Baker, one of Jeremiah Baker Jr.'s sons.

**The connection of these folks may be through Nathan Baker, a son of Jeremiah Baker Jr.'s.  He (Nathan) married Roxa/Roxy/Roxie Ordway.


A special THANK YOU to Kuzzin Nancy,  and Kuzzin Bill for all their help in piecing where each of these people go in the tree, and for reading over all the info, and sending me the corrections, and connections!  With all of the cemeteries I am still trying to enter here at the site, I wouldn't have had the time to do all of this alone!
Submitted by Pam Davis.