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Timm ~ Mahler Family Photographs

(L) Bertha Anna Mahler
(R) Clarence Lasker Timm

Bertha and Clarence's Wedding Portrait Clarence and Bertha were honored and well-loved business people of Plainview, MN. They owned an operated Timm's Cafe and Timm's Bowling Alley. Bertha owned a dress store for awhile. In his younger years, Clarence was heavily involved with local baseball.

After their mother comitted suicide, Bertha, her brothers and her sister were raised in an orphanage in Berea, Ohio. Bertha is sixth from the left in the third row.

I did not crop this photo because it tells so many stories. It was taken outside Timm's Cafe, Plainview, MN, which was operated by Bertha and Clarence Timm. They lived in an apartment upstairs. Bertha is second from the left. I don't remember the names of the other women, but their faces are so familiar to me. They were always together and enjoyed each other's company so much, having daily coffee and often playing bridge. Notice how they've put their purses on the sidewalk against the building as if we won't see them! If you look closely in the window, you can probably see some of Bertha's beautiful African violets. Behind the ladies is Bates' Variety Store.

Backgrounds Courtesy of "Backgrounds By Marie"
Flowers Courtesy of "Vintage Flower Art"

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