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This is the genealogy data Iíve collected for my family (Ludwig) and my wifeís family (Menzies).

Please have a look at the Surname List page when you enter the site to see what names are here.

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This is the genealogy data for a family that, though not related to my wifeís family, were close friends of the family.  Maude Gray traveled to the United States from Scotland with Elizabeth Hill (see the Menzies names next door) and her family.  And, she appears in an 1895 family photo with Elizabeth (Hill) Menzies and her family.

I have included this family here to document information I have from the Menzies family and in the hope that it may benefit the descendents of Maude Gray.

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I have tried to be sensitive to the privacy of the people listed herein. If you find something to which you object, please let me know and I will do my best to rectify the situation.


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