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Biddle or Bittle or Büttel Family

John Thomas Bittle (1755-1840) of Germany Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania

by Jana Stokes, 2005

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John Thomas Bittle was born abt 1755 in Pennsylvania. He was the son of the immigrant Johann Georg Büttel and Anna Barbara Sell. His parents whereabouts are unknown during 1753-1759, but we know they landed in Philadelphia in 1752. So probably they were in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania when he was born. Perhaps in Germantown or on one of the main stops on the migration route from Philadelphia to Allemengel where we find his parents in 1760. The migration route to Allemengel had stops in Montgomery County, PA (specifically Faulkner's Swamp & New Hanover) and in Berks County (specifically Oley Hills and Goshephoppen). (Source: FHL US/CAN Book 974.8 K2z v. 40 PA Genea Findings in the Allemangel Area: Jordon Lutheran Church 1740-1800 So. Whitehall Twp, Lehigh County, Pa by Warren J. Ziegler.)


From age 5 to 10 John Thomas Bittle was with his family in Weisenberg and Lynn Twp, Nortampton County, PA. During this time his little brother George Micheal Bittle and little sister, Anna Margaretha were born. When he was 11 his sister, Marie Salome Bittle shows up in the Westminster, Frederick County, Maryland church records.


John Thomas Bittle was married to Barbara Merkel bef Mar 1779. In 1778 he is a singleman on the tax list of Germany Twp, York County, Pennsylvania, but in 1779 he is on the regular tax list for Germany Twp, York County, PA. Barbara Merkle's father, Nicholas Markle, wrote his will, April 27, 1779; Probated Apr 27, 1811. See Carroll Co, MD Wills, Liber WB #1, folio 175. Barbara Merkle's parents Were marr 2 May 1758 Zion's Moselem Luth. Church near Moselem Springs, Richmond Twp, Berks Co, PA. (Source of will citation, wife's surname and wife's parents marriage is John A Mehring)



In the 1780 Tax List for Germany Twp, York County, PA Thomas Bittle has 50 acres of land, 2 lots, 4 horses, and 10 cows. (Source: FHLFilm 22,246 1779-1783 York Co Tax List.)


In 1781 on an Effective Supplies tax list Thomas Betel shows up with 50 acres of land, 2 horses, and 3 cows. His brother shows up as singleman. And there is a John Buse that shows up with 1 cow and as a shoemaker. The Buss'seem to be connected to the Bittles's somehow. Perhaps it is because they were in the shoemaking trade too. Around this time his dau Margaret or Maretha Bittle or Beedle is born.


In 1782 Thomas Bittil shows up on the property tax list for Germany Twp with 50 acres land, 2 horses, 3 cows, and 6 sheep. Also around this time his son John Henry Bittle was born.


On the 1783 Germany Twp Property Tax List Thomas Biddle has 50 acres, 4 inhabitants, house, 1 outhouse.(The inhabitants are assumed to be himself, his wife Barbara, his dau Margaret and his son John Henry.) His brother George is also on the list with 3 inhabitants.


Son Joh George Bittle born 27 Aug 1784.


In 1785 Thomas Bittle shows up on the Arrears Tax for Germany Twp. He is listed with 0 houses, 0 lots, 50 acres, 2 horses, 3 horned cattle. In 1785 Thms Biddle and Barb sponsor Pet. and Cathr Buss child David Buss at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany Twp.


In 1786 a Richard Bittle shows up on the tax list for Germany Twp as a poor man with no property. This Richard appears to marry and stay in Germany Twp from 1784-1789. Perhaps he is a brother or son of the Andreas Bittle who left a will in 1790 in Montgomery Co, PA?? Or the son of the Andreas Bittle on the 1752 ship Phoenix which John Thomas Bittle's father immigrated on? From a calculated birth date of 1764 he could easily be a brother of John Thomas Bittle, but if so why didn't George Bitttle mention him in his will?? Around this time Thomas Bittle's brother, George Micheal Bittle goes to Frederick County. And John Jacob, son of Jacob and Eva Runckel b. 31 Aug 1786, bp. 8 Oct 1786. Sponsers: Thomas and Barbara Buttel. (Source: Maryland German Church Records Vol 9, Piper Creek Church, Benjamin's,St. Benjamin's or Krider's Church, p. 16.)


Dau Mary or Magdalena Bittle born 23 Aug 1787. Also in 1787 Thomas Biddle and Cath sponsor another child of Pet and Cathr Buss. This time the child is Abrahm who was born Feb 22, 1787 and bap Jul 8 1787 at St. JOhn's Evaangelical Lutheran Church in Germany Twp.(Source: FHL US/CAN BOOK 974.842 K2a Adams Co Church Records of the 18th Cen. Publ Family Line Publ, Westminster, MD)


Germany Twp tax list shows Thomas Bittle 50 acres, 2 horses, 4 cows. In 1788 Thomas Biddle and Barb. sponsor Henry Lukebach [Luckenbaug] who was a son of Adam and A. Maria that was born Jan 26, 12788 and bap Oct 5, 1788 at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Chruch in Germany Twp. (Source: FHL US/CAN BOOK 974.842 K2a Adams Co Church Records of the 18th Cen. Publ Family Line Publ, Westminster, MD)


In 1789-1799 Thomas Bittle had a tavern license. (Source: FHL US/CAN Book 974.84 B4s no. 45-50. Special Publication Number 48 of So-Central gena Soc, York, PA. Index of Tavern Licenses Allowed by York Co, PA 1749-1806 by John R. McGraw.)


In 1790 I couldn't find Thomas Bittle in the York County, PA Federal Census. The only Thomas Biddles in the 1790 PA Census were Thomas Bettle of Colerain Twp, Bedford Co, PA and Thos. Biddle of Montogomery Cou, PA. I know John Thomas Bittle is not the Thomas Bittle of Colerain Twp. The Thos. Biddle of Montgomery County, PA had 1 male over 16, one under 16 and 3 females. It should be noted that this census research was rather old--back before the days of Perhaps it should be checked again.


Son Peter born 13 Mar 1792 and bapt 8 Apr 1792 in St. Mary's Lutheran Church, Silver Run, Frederick County (now Carroll County), Maryland.


Germany Twp Tax list for 1793 shows Thomas Biddle.


Son Thomas born 19 Mar 1794.


In 1796 Thomas and Barb Biddle sponsor Daniel Buss a son of Pet. and Marg. who was b. Apr 10, 1796 and bapt in St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany Twp. (Source: FHL US/CAN BOOK 974.842 K2a Adams Co Church Records of the 18th Cen. Publ Family Line Publ, Westminster, MD) I have wondered if the Margaaret here is Thomas'sister.


Son Johannes born 10 Feb 1797.


Thomas Biddle is shown in tax list to be a relatively affluent farmer who in 1799 had 130 acres, a new log house, 4 hourses and 6 cows (in contrast to neighbors who had 1 cow). In that year thomas was one of 2 tax collectors. (Source: Family History: Colonial Families of MD 1600s-1900s Monoccy & Catoctin Vol 2. Hesson and Hessong Families p. 434)

Also in 1799 Thomas Bittel, Peter Buss & Johann L. Merkel witnessed the Will of Joh. Wolfgang Mohring on Nov 28, 1799. (Source: John A. Mehring, Sep 2004.)


Daughter Susanna born 31 Jan 1800.

On 3 AUg 1800 Thomas and Barb Biddle sponsored the child of Adam and Cathr Kohlmann who was named Thms. and who was born May 22 1800. (Source: FHL US/CAN BOOK 974.842 K2a Adams Co Church Records of the 18th Cen. Publ Family Line Publ, Westminster, MD)

1800 is when Germany Twp, York County, PA became Germany Twp, Adams County, PA.

1800 Federal Census: 1800 Census Germany Twp, Adams Co, PA p. 514: Biddle, Thomas Adams Co 514 22101 21110 00 2 males 0-10 (Thomas ag 6, Johannes ag 3) 2 males 10-16 (Henry ag 12, Peter ag 8) 1 male 16-26 (Joh Geo ag 16) 1 make 45+ (Thomas) (therefore b. 1755 or earlier) 2 females 0-10 (Sus., ?-missing a dau) 1 female 10-16 (Mary ag 13) 1 female 16-26 (Margaret ag 16?) 1 female 26-45 (wife Eva Barbara) (therefore b. 1755-1774) note that mother Anna Barbara Sell-Bittle was either dead or not living with them. Thomas Biddle's neighbors are Philip Miller, Adam Coleman, Jacob Brother, Jacob Greenwalt. Page 513: this is where we find Pter BUse 10001 00000; George Befs 20001 2101 and George Gartner 1001 3101 all within 13 people of each other and their neighbors: Abraham John, A. Winterode Esq, Jon Winterode, Jacob Bales, George Wikart, Henry Shilt, Andrew Fenifrock, George Unger, Phillip Bard, Andrew Lohr Jun, Henry Werner, John Low.


Germany Twp, Adams Co, PA 1810 Census: Thomas Bittle 01211 00201 1 male 10-16 (Johannes ag 13) 2 males 16-26 (Henry ag 22; Peter ag 18) 1 male 26-45 (Joh George ag 26) 1 male 45+ (Thomas) (therefore b. bef 1765) 2 females 16-26 (Mary ag 23; Margaret ag 26, note: Margaret didn't marry until 1812) 1 female 45+ (Barbara)(therefore b. bef 1765) suggests Sus b. 1800 dead; and other unknown dau from 1800 Cen dead


Dau Margaret marries on the 31 Mar 1812 to Micheal Keyner or Kynor. Micheal was from Franklin County, PA. (Source: Adams Co PA Newspaper Abstracts.)


Deeds conveyed land fr Thomas & Barbara (1760-1839) to George and Elizabeth in 1818. (Source: Family History: Colonial families of MD 1600s-1900s Monocacy & Catoctin Vol 2, Hesson & Hessong Families p. 434)


Son Peter Bittle marries Elizabeth Koontz. This is mentioned in the will of Esther Koontz. Elizabeth's siblings are: Rachel (w/o Joseph Warner), Hannah (w/o Jacob Erb), Rebecca, deceased, w/o David Stonesifer, Rachel w/o Ephraim Warner, George, William and Abraham. Note: variations on Koontz surname includes Coon and Kuhn. There are lots of Kuhn in the villages near Urphar.


1820 Germany Twp, Adams Co, PA p. 69: Thomas Bittle 000211 011011 201 2 males 16-26 (Johannes ag 23; Thomas Jr ag 26) 1 male 26-45 (Henry ag 32) 1 male 45+ (Thomas) (therefore b. bef 1775) 1 female 10-16 1 female 16-18 1 female 26-45 (Mary ag 33) 1 female 45+ (wife) (therefore b. bef 1775) (Barbara) again Susan would have been ag 20, appear dead Peter Bittle 010010 001010 002 (enurated right after Thomas)(son of Thomas) 1 male 10-16 1 male 26-45 (Peter ag 28) 1 female 16-18 1 female26-45 (wife ag 24) George Bittle 100010 002000 001 (enurated right after Peter) (NOT Geo. Micheal Bittle)(son of Thomas SR) 1 male 0-10 1 male 26-45 ( Joh George) 2 females 16-18


Son John Henry Bittle marries Lydia Guise. Lydia was born abt 1800 in Pennsylvania.


Here's an index entry I found: Biddle, Thomas ux Thomas Cadwalader Trus Vol 3 K p. 274 Apr 11, 1829 York Co. I do not know if this is our John Thomas Bittle.


1830 Germany Twp, Adams County, PA p. 63: Thomas Biddle 00000000001 0000000001 1 male 70-80 (Thomas) (therefore b. 1750-1760) 1 female 70-80 (wife Barbara) George Sponsaler (sp?) Lewis Sponsaler (sp?) Peter Biddle 000001 210011 (son of Thomas SR) 1 male 30-under 40 (Peter)(therefore b. 1790-1800) 2 females 0-under 5 1 female 5-under 10 1 female 20-under 30 1 female30-under 40 (wife) Thomas Biddle 110001 10001 (son of Thomas SR) 1 male 0-under 5 1 male 5-under 10 1 male 30-under 40 (Thomas) (therefore b. 1790-1800) 1 female 0-under 5 1 female 20-under 30 10 families later: George Biddle 0100001 001001 (son of Thomas SR) 1 male 5-under 10 1 male 40-under 50 (George) (therefore b. 1780-1790) 1 female 10-under 15 1 female 30-under 40

1837 Will

Will of Thomas Bittle...I Thomas Bittle of Germany Twp, Adams Co, PA..thhis 11 Apr 1837...wife Barbara son Henry Bittle and Lydia his wife a certain plantation situate in Germany Twp being the same they now reside on including 10 acres which I purchased of Henry Kefer...son Peter Bittle !.00..son Thomas Bittle 140 acres of land part thereof in the tate of PA and part in the sstate of MD being the same tract whereon the Grist mill stands and whereon he now resides..I give grant and bequeath to the chldren of my two dau now dead, $2,000.00, $1,000.00 to the children of my dau Margaret and $1,000.00 to the children of my dau Thomas Bittle son of Henry Bittle and William Bittle son of my son Thomas Bittle that tract of land thereafter willed to my son Geo. Bittle and his wife during their natural lives)..are not to inherit the same until after the death of the said Geo. Bittle and his wife....children of my sons Henry, Peter and Thomas my son Geo Bittle and his present wife a certain farm in three different tracts containing 97 acres being the farm they now reside on...provided he my son George Bittle keeps sober and abstains from all kinds of intoxicating liquors as he promised to me he would then he and his present wife shall...appoint friend David Shriner and son Thomas Bittle ex Thomas Bittle {seal} witness: Henry G______, Daniel Crouse, Geo Will. (Source: FHL US/CAN Film 20,678 Adams Co, PA Wills v. C-E 1817-1857, Book D p. 475 No. 2155.)

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