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Biddle or Bittle or Büttel Family

George Micheal Bittle or Büttel

by Jana Stokes, 2005

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Jurg Michaell Büttel was bapt 23rd of Dec 1760 in Lynn Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. His father was listed as Jurg Büttel and his mother as Barbara. The sponsors were Jurg Michell Hedinger and Anna Barbara. (Source: FHL US/CAN Book 974.8 K2wf The Record Book of Daniel Schumacher, 1754-1773, Containing registers of bap and conf in Berks, Lehigh, Northampton and Schuyhill Counties, PA. Translted with an intro by Frederick S. Weiser. Picton Press: Camden, Maine, p. 102)



In 1780 George Michael Bittle, along with Melchoir Beele, were executors for the will of George Micheal's father.

In 1781 in the Germany Township, York County, Pennsylvania tax lists we find George Bittle, Peter Buse, George Gartner and Henry Gartner were listed as singlemen. The married men for Germany Township included: Betel, Thomas with 50 land 2 horses, 3 cows (that would be George Micheal Bittle's brother); Buse, Peter 100 land, 2 horses, 3 cows; Buse, John 1 cow, shoemaker; Buse, Peter, Sen 100 land 2 horses, 3 cows; Beal, Milcher 179 land 1 house, 2 lots, 4 horse, 2 cows; Beal, Jacob 1 horse, 2 cows. (Source: FHL Film 22,246 1779-1783 York Co Tax Lists)


I presume George Micheal Bittle married abt 1782 since he was listed as a singleman on the Germany Twp tax list in 1781 and then in 1783 shows up on the Germany Twp tax list with "3 inhabitants" by his name and one lot. From later census records we can suppose that the 3rd inhabitant was their son Thomas Bittle who was born in 1783.

I do not know for sure who he married but do have a copy of a letter Emma Biddle wrote George Liebegott in 1939 which says that the George Bittle who settled in Frederick County is supposed to be married to a Baker (sp? or Balcer).


In 1785 George Micheal Bittle buys 16 acres of land called Trura from Christian Shoemaker and Peter Hawk. The land borders George Shoemakers land. This same day George Micheal Bittle's brother, Andrew Biddle, buys 100 acres of land called Hammonds Strife.

In 1790 George Bittle show up in the Federal Census in Frederick County, Maryland with what appears to be his wife, 2 sons and a daughter. We would assume the 2 sons and a daughter to be Thomas (b. 1783), Elisabeth (b. 1786) and George (b. 1787)

There is an 11 year gap between the third and fourth child. One has to wonder if maybe his first wife died and he remarried.

In 1794 George Micheal sells Trura to Yost Cover. Yost Cover was the brother to Christina Cover. Christina Cover married Andrew Biddle, the brother of George Micheal Bittle. In this record George Micheal Bittle's wife is called Elizabeth.

In 1797 Jospeh and Mary Miller sell parts of Resurvey on Stoney Hill and Addition to Stony Hill to George Micheal Bittle. (5 3/4 acres and 1 3/4 acres) These tracts border Addition to Burnt House. Around 1763 there was a place called Burnt House Hundred. The map I have mentioning this has Burnt House labeled Taylorsville in parenthesis.

In 1798 George Beatle shows up on the tax lists for District 9. (District 9 includes: Lower Catoctin Hundred, Middle Catoctin Hundred, Middletown, New Town, Berlin Town) where he has 59 acres part of First Day of June from Philip Bear, Resurvey on Stoney Hill, 7 acres Addition to Stony Hill; and 65 acres unknown never before assessed. (Source: FHL US/CAN BOOK Maryland Genal Sources, Series Abstract of 1798 Tax Assessment Districts 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Frederick County, Maryland Vol MD10-16 by Marilee Beatty Hageness. Publ by MLH Resarch, 3916 Bramble Road, Anniston, AL 36207-7004, 2001.

In 1800 George M Bittle shows up in the Frederick County, Maryland census with what looks like a wife and 5 children. The two new children presumed to be Catherine (b. 1800) and Johnathan (b. 1789) If their child, Elizabeth, was really born in 1786 then she doesn't seem to be listed with her family in 1800 and instead we have another unaccounted for child. If Elizabeth not living with her family in 1800 is she living with her relative on Clover Creek? Is she the Elizabeth found in the Huntingdon County, PA quarter session records in 1808??


George Micheal Bittle died 28 Aug 1845 and was buried in the Jeff. Union Cemetery.

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