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Biddle or Bittle or Büttel Family Website

by Jana Stokes

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This website is for Bittle, Biddle, Büttel genealogy--specifically, the ancestry and descendancy of George Bittle [Büttel] who was born in the Urphar/Lindlebach, County of Wertheim, Germany area around 1726 and then immigrated in 1752 to Philadelphia. He remained in Pennsylvania, eventually settling in York County where he died in 1779.

The George Bittle or Büttel (1726-1779) line we are focusing on was originally Büttel in Germany, but upon settling in America it became Bittle, with one branch eventually becoming Biddle. Not all people of the Bittle and Biddle surname in the US came from George Bittle (1726-1779), but the ones in Northampton, York, Adams, Huntingdon, Blair and Bedford counties in Pennsylvania; and Frederick and Carrol county, Maryland have a high probability of being part of our lineage. A fair number of Ohio Biddles can also trace their linage into the descendants of George Bittle (1726-1779), although Ohio also contains many other unrelated Biddle lines.

Our most distant ancestor is currently believed to be Joh Wolf Büttel (1656-1734).

The study of the ancestry of George Büttel (1726-1779) and associated cousins in Urphar, Mosbach, BADEN, Germany also picks up the Sell, Diehn, Rüdiger, Buch and Strauss surnames.

George Büttel/Anna Barbara Sell Family

Andrew Biddle/Christina Cover Family

Jacob Runckel and Eva Barbara Bittle

John Thomas Bittle (1755-1840) Family

Jacob Kemp and Maria Salome Büttel Family

George Michael Bittle

Peter Shriner and Eva Barbara Biddle

Denton Mobley and Christina Bittle

Christian Yerty and Rachel Bittle

George Boyd and Rachel Bittle

Niclaus Weitzenholler

John Büttel or Bittle or Beitel (bef 1724-1777)

Elizabeth Biddle

To the right, just past the flowers, is the north edge of Lower Cemetery. Rev War Soldier Andrew Biddle is buried in Lower Cemetery

Urphar, Mosback, Baden, Germany Records

Northampton County, PA Records

York County, PA Records

Frederick Co, MD Records

Huntingdon Co, PA Records

Blair Co, PA Records

Bedford Co., PA Records

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