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Biddle or Bittle or Büttel Family

The Family of Denton Mobley and Christina Bittle

by Jana Stokes, 2005

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Denton Mobley was born abt 1774 in Baree Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. His father was Ezekial Mobley who died in Hopewell Twp Dec 1781. His mother or stepmother was Susanna. His father is in Baree Twp, Bedford County, PA tax list from 1774-1775, then disappears only to reappear in 1779 in Hopewell Twp, Bedford County, PA with 200 acres. His father, Ezekial, can be traced from 1779 to his death in 1781 in the tax lists. (Source: FHL Film 1,449,350 (1772-1782) Tax Records, 1772-1850 Bedford Co PA Board of County Commissioners. Microfilm of orig rec filmed at PA Hist & Mueseum Commission. Ea yr subdivided by twp and county records.)

DENTON'S CHILDHOOD: 1774 to 1796


Denton had an older brother, Samuel, who was born 1770/1774. This Samuel marr Catherine bef 1790. In 1796 Samuel was the administrator for his father's estate. Then in 1797 he is on the Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon County, PA tax lists. In one list he not a singleman, and in another list for the same year he is a nonresident. In 1798 Samuel is also on the Woodberry Twp tax list twice--both as a resisdent and a nonresident, but there is a line through his name on the nonresident list. In 1798 Samuel sells land in Huntingdon County, PA to Andrew Biddle (land that adjoined Tobyas Shafers land) and Henry Buagher. In 1799 Samuel has 1 lot and 1 horse in Woodberry Twp and 2 lots in Willliamsburg and on another 1799 tax list he has 150 acres. In 1800 Samuel was envolved in a court case envolving Andrew Biddle regarding debt. (Sources: Huntingdon County Courthouse, Continuance Docket D-1 April Term 1799 to April Term 1803, Huntingdon Co, PA, p. 312) In 1800 in the Federal Census for Woodburtty Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA it looks like Samuel is enumerated with his wife and 5 children. He continues to be in the Woodberry Twp tax list until 1809. Then in 1808 we have several quarter session records that he was envolved with. The most interesting is "the Petition of a number of inhabitants of Woodberry and Hopewell Township was read setting forth that they labor under gread enconviencience for want of a road from Ditch's Mill in Woodberry township acrofs Tufseys mountian to the Bedford raod at Henry Boyers in Hepwill Township and praying relief in the premises" (Source: Huntingdon County, PA Courthouse, Quarter Sessions, Vol E, p. 180.) and petition of inhabitants of Woodbary township for a road "from the town of Williamsburg to the town of Huntingdon". (Source: Huntingdon County, PA Courthouse, Quarter Sessions, Vol E, p. 178) The lack of a road between Williamsburg and Huntingdon would have been frustrating as Samuel was not the only one who had a letter remaining for him at the Huntingdon PO in 1809. By the 1810 Federal Census for Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon County,PA, Samuel appears to be enumerated with a wife and 9 children. And it should be noted that there were no Mobleys in the Ohio Federal Census in 1810. In 1811 Samuel Mobley became deputy constable and John Sheneflet constable for Woodberry Twp. (Source: Huntingdon County, PA Courthouse, Quarter Sessions, Vol E, p. 318) 1812 Samuel Mobley in Woodberry Twp tax list.

However, abt this time he moves to Stark County, Ohio as we pick him up doing a road petition there. (Source: Early Osnaburg Township, Stark County Ohio settlers From the book 'Combination atlas map of Stark County, Ohio' reprint of 1875 ed.). And in 14 Jun 1817 Samuel Mobley and wife Catherine of Stark Co, OH sell 233 acres 24 perches to John Shoinefelt of Woodberry twp for $2,4550.00. Stract of land situate in Woodberry twp, HuntingdonCo, PA and by land of John & Abraham Plummer, Thomas H Stewart, Frederick Miller. Surveyed 16 Nov 1816 in pursuance of a warrant dated 9 Jun 1815 granted to Samuel Mobley as appears by a Patent fr the land office of PA bearing date 18 Apr 1817 enrolled in Patent Book H vol 14 page 124. Samuel Mobley {seal},, Catherine x (her mark) Mobley {seal}. (Source: FHL US/CAN Film 854,211 Huntingdon Co, PA Deed Book V, p. 100) 1814 Sep 19 Mobley, Samuel Sec: NE 31 160 acres Canaan Twp; 1814 Jul 22 Mobley, Samuel Sec: SE 4 160 acres East Union Twp. US Land Grant.; 1818 Dec 18 Mobley, Samuel Caanan Twp ME 31 T-R: 17-13 Recorded 28 6-372; RESIDENCE: Stark Co, OH.; 1820 Wayne Co Tax List in area Remain in Wayne Co: Mobley, Samuel Sugar. W/ME 7 83 16-11; Canaan ME 31 160 17-13. (Source: FHL Book 977.161 R2s Early Land Records of Wayne Co, OH by Richard G. Smith. Wayne Co Geneal Soc. Wooster, OH, 1988.) In 1820 Samuel Mobley in the tax list for Caanan Twp and Sugar Creek Twp. (Source: FHL 977.1 A1 no. 111 Wayne Co, OH 1795-820 Early Cen & Tax Lists by C. Arthur Phillips. Wayne Co Hist Soc. Wooster, OH.) Also in the 1820 Federal Census Samuel and Ezekial show up as heads of househoulds in Sugar Creek, Wayne County, OH. (I'm guessing that the Ezekial is a son.)

1830 Census Sugar Creek, Wayne County, OH: Samuel Mobley 20010001 00110001: 2 males under 5 (born 1825-1830); 1 male 15-20 () (born 1810-1815); 1 male 50-60 (Samuel) (therefore b. 1770-1780); 1 female 10-15; 1 female 15-20; 1 female 50-60 (wife Catherine) (therefore b. 1770-1780). Neighbors: Kirtz, Woods, Grindle Ayres. Samuel died in 1843, probably in Sugar Creek, Wayne County, Ohio.


William MObley was born 1778 in probably Bedford County, PA. William is in Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA in the 1800 Federal Census with what looks like his wife. He is in the 1800 tax list for Woodberry Twp, but not for 1802-1809. There is a William Moble in Pike Run, Washington County, PA in the 1810 Federal Census, but I don't know if that's him. In 1820 there is a William Mobley in Smith Twp, Belm. Co., OH Federal Census, but that could also be a son of Samuel.


Margaret was born 1780 in Hopewell Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.


Susana was born 1782 in Hopewell Twp, Bedford County, PA. She married Frances Ake or Eck, probably in Huntingdon County (now Blair County), Pennsylvania. She died 8 Dec 1859 Osnaburg Twp, Stark County, Ohio and is buried in Sand Hill Cemetery, Randolph, Stark County, Ohio.


Denton was only abt 7 years old when his father died. Apparently, Denton's brother Samuel quickly rose to the responsibilities of being the man of the family. It is also likely, that what is believe to be Denton's Uncle, Rezin, was helpful.

Reason Mobley was listed in the group of soldiers who came from Prince Georg County, MD to the Broad Top Mountains to settle. (Source: Cem of Bedford Co by Cindy Diehl. Huntingdon Historical Society Call No. 974.871 P15. Duvall Cemetery, Six Mile Run). However he is NOT in the Hopewell Twp tax lists for 1774-1776, 1779-1782, nor 1785. However, in 1790 there is a Reason Mobley in the Huntingdon County, PA Federal Census. And a land deed places him in Hipwell Twp in 1795 and Union Twp in 1799. And in 1834 there is a Reason Mobley in Broadtop Twp, org fr Hopewell. (Source: Pioneer Historical Library. History of Beford, Somerset and Fulton Co, PA, 1884, p. 336)

Before Huntingdon and Blair Counties were formed in 1787 and 1846 respectively from Bedford Co, PA the area that is now is Altoona, Huntingdon City, and east of Tusseys mtn was Barree Twp, Bedford Co, PA. Williamsburg was in Bedford Twp, Bedford Co, PA; but basically sat on the border between Baree Twp and Bedford Twp. Bedford twp, Bedford Co, PA included Hollidaysburg, Clover Creek, Roaring Spring, New Enterprise, Holsinger Family Cem etc. (Source: Book10.htm This is Larry D. Smith's Old Mother Bedford Site. Has a bueatiful map of early boundaries overlayed on present day map. )

Denton's father Ezekial owned land on both sides of Clover Creek that was once owned by William Shirley. Denton's wife, Christina Biddle, had a sister, Margaret, who marr Zac Spencer. Zac Spencer's mother was a Shirley. The Spencers eventually moved on to Indiana County, PA


In 1787, when Denton abt 13 yrs old, Huntingdon County is created from Bedford County. However, there are no Mobleys in the 1788-1791 Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon County, PA tax lists.


Samuel Mobley Adm of the estate of Ezekiel Mobley, dec'd; Ezekial late of Woodbury Twp dec'd; seal of office given = 13 Feb 1796; Phillip Walker and Susanna his wife late Susanna Mobley widow of Ezekial Mobley, dec'd.; renunciation.(Source: FHL GS #854,231 Huntingdon Co, PA Will Book I, p. 88) And also this record: File A No. 67 Ezekial Mobley dec ...died intestate...wife = Susannah Walker (Susannah mar Phillip Walker). Susanna Mobley <14 yr..David Shrart??, Esq appointed her guardian. File A No. 68 On 10 May 1796 Samuel Mobley, eldest son of Ezekial Mobley, decd (d. Dec 1781; of Woodberry twp, Huntingdon Co.)..."to the judges at the Court of Common pleas at a Orphans Court"; tract of land formerly in Bdeford Co by William Shirley, both sides of Clover Creek...Ezekial children(5): 1) Samuel, eldest 2) Denton, sec son now abt 21 yrs of age 3)William abt 18 yr age, 4) Margaret Mobley, eldest dau, now abt 16, 5)Susannah, now abt 14 (Source: FHL Film 900, 587 Huntingdon Co, PA Orphan Court Docket, Vol A, p. 72+)


In 1797 Denton shows up on the Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon County, PA tax lists as a singleman. Another tax list for 1797 in Woodberry Twp has him as a nonresident of 160 acreas adjacent Allbaugh and as a single freeman. In 1798 he's listed as a nonresident again. In 1799 he's listed as a singleman. In the 1800 Census he's enumerated as the only one in his househould in Woodberry Twp, although his brothers, Samuel and William are in Woodberry Twp, as is his widow-for-the-second-time mother, Susanna Walker. It appears that Denton's sister, Susanna may be living with her mother.


In the 1801 Woodberry Twp tax list Denton's name appears under single freeman with a line through it and the word "married" written in. I guess the day in court regarding Denton's brother, Samuel, and Christina's father, Andrew Biddle over debt didn't hinder Denton and Christina.


Abt 1802 daughter, Susannah, is born.

In 1803 Denton is on the tax list with 2 cows, 1 occupation. The next year with 1 horse, 3 cows, 1 occupation. Abt 1804 daughter, Sarah, is born. In 1805 with 1 horse, 1 cow. 1806 with 118 acreas, 1 horse, 1 cow. Also abt 1806 son Thomas Mobley is born. In 1807 Dentin Mobley has 128 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow. In 1808 128 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow. In 1809 he had 1 horse, 1 cow.


I couldn't find him in the 1810 PA Federal Census index. I really should go through Huntingdon County page by page. We know he was still in Woodberry Twp from the tax list which has him at 50 ac, 1 horse, 1 cow. In 1811 he is there with 50 ac, 1 horse, 1 cow and also 52 acres for Lang.

Huntingdon. Thursday, January 30, 1812. The Postmaster-General has established a Post Office at the Yellow Spring tavern, in this County, and appointed Mr David Moore, Postmaster. Letters addressed to persons residing either at Williamsburg, Cover Forge or Aetna Furnace, ought to be forwarded to his Office, as to is the most contigious to those places. (Source: Blair County Genealogical Society. Microfilm of Huntingdon Co, PA Gazette Newspaper.) Also in 1812 the tax list shows Denton still had 50 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow, and 52 acres.

In 1816 Denton's daughter, Sarah, is mentioned in Zephaniah H. Harrison's Frederick County, Maryland will. Zephaniah's late wife was Christina Bittle-Mobley's sister. Zephaniah will describes Denton as "of Juniata in the State of Pennsylvania." Zephaniah also says Walter and Sophia Bevins are of Juniata. And Zephaniah mentions his sister Emeally Ake. Probably the same Ake family as Denton's sister, Susanna, married into. (Source: Family History Library Film No. 14,022 Frederick County, Maryland Wills HS - 2 p. 283-285)


1820 Cen Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA: Denton Mobley 110001 2101000-------1 1 male 0-10 (John or Samuel) 1 male 10-16 (?=Thomas or William) 1 male 45+ (Denton) 2 female 0-10 (Catherine, Rachel) (therefore born 1810-1820) 1 female 10-16 (Sarah) (therefore born 1804-1810) 1 female 18-26 (Susannah) (therefore born 1794-1802) note: no listing for wife Christina Biddle, yet know marr by 1816 and died 1817 or 1847. The tombstone at Clapper town is 1847 style engraving, not 1817 style.

FHL Film 20,546 1840 Census Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon County, PA. Page 10, Line 7: Deten Mobley (line 7, p. 10) 1 male 10 to under 15 (George ag 14) 1 male 15 to under 20 (Denton the II ag 20) 2 males 20 to under 30 (John age 27, Sam'l ag 25) 1 male 60 to under 70 (Denton) 1 female 20 to under 30 (wife of one of the males or Rachel ag 23; Sarah ag 39 should be marr) 1 female 50 to under 60 (Christina)(therefore b. 1780-1790) The Woodberry twp enumeration lists seems to start by the mouth or Smiths end of Clover Creek and come south to the Plum Creek area. Dentons name came after George Biddle, Christian Hainley, Jacob Hoover, William Shiffler, Jacob, Frederick and Andrew Snowberger. So he clearly seems to have been down by the Bedford County border. Peter Mobley (also on page 10) (son of Denton?)(is this the Peter who became minister at Williamsburg?; no other Mobley's in Woodberry twp; ought to see Bedford co) 1 male under 5 1 male 5 to under 10 1 male 20 to under 30 (Peter) (therefore b. 1810-1820) 1 female 10 to under 15 1 female 30 to under 40 (prob wife)

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