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Genealogy Graphics

After spending weeks searching for just the right graphics for my website, I've decided to save you the same time and effort. Below are links to some of my favorite graphics sites. Have fun!




Absolute Background Textures Archive
       The best website for textured backgrounds.  Indexed by color & texture.

1001+ Free Backgrounds
       Non-indexed site of colored and textured backgrounds.

Spinwave Image Crunchers
 Reduces the sizes of your GIF and JPGs so they load more quickly.

Civil War Clipart Gallery
     From soldiers, to flags and cannons.  It's all here.
J.O.D's Old Fashioned B&W Clipart Collection
       All kinds of wonderful old B&W graphics.
Ream Graphics
       A lot of everything you need:  bullets, buttons, icons, lines,
       & design sets.

Amanda's Amazing Graphics
       Her graphics really live up to her site name.  She has sets,
       complete with background, main image, and set buttons, that
       are real class.

Free Genealogy Clipart - Graphics
       Links to many sites with free graphics, including sets.
       Images of old documents and titles. Genealogy Clipart
       Links to sites with genealogical clipart.
Clipart Links - Genealogical and Historical
       The Ballarat Genealogical Society offers another great link site.
       I learned to do a webpage and write HTML from this free website.
       There are easy and straightforward tutorials, and the author points out
       free programs we can download to use in altering images and in writing
       the HTML.


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Amanda's Amazing Graphics