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 A Thank You Note,

Researching genealogy is a wonderful and rewarding hobby-addiction!  I have met so many wonderful friends and new relatives along the way!

Posting the information I have collected and making it available to all, might repay just a little bit, the generosity I have found in my quest of family information. The kind help of researchers and the hours spent transcribing information to be made available online, has helped me tremendously and want to return the favor.

As you browse through my pages hopefully you will find a relative or two, or maybe a little information which might lead you to a discovery elsewhere. Please explore all the links … LOTS of information and MORE to come!!! If you have any questions or corrections of a particular family please e-mail me, I would love to talk to you!

Below is a list of some of the wonderful people who have helped in one way or another. It is by no means a complete list, as there are many “unsung hero’s” who have compiled data and posted online, organized historical documents, managed surname and county mail-lists and newsgroups … the list goes on and on…

1.                       Top of the list are my family, those alive and those who have gone to a better place. I thank them for providing me information and family stories, or for listening (even if half heartedly sometimes) about my latest discovery. They have been such a tremendous help to me!


2.                       Secondly are the many new family members, friends and brief acquaintances I have come to know in my research.

Below is a listing of a few of those who are in the second group in order of their first name;

Amy Waters, Angie Steele, Anne Haliots, Anne Ryan, Arlen Mann, Barbara Christie, Beth Melrose, Betty Snyder, Beverly Przybylski, Bud Alee, Carmetta Jackson, Carol Jo, Carolyn Protzman, Cathy Morgan, Colene Opp, Connie Lull, Diane Buckley, Donna Colyer Hunt, Donna Meek Robertson, Ed Anderson, Elberta Brummet, F.L. Thurman, Harold Robison, Jackie Conces, Janice Garrett, Janie Moody, Jean Rima, Jlynn, John Wilham, Judy Cole, Kathy Waddell, Kay LaMunyon, Larry Dickerson, Laurie Birks Dean, Letha Mowery, Linda Atkins, Linda Slack, Lonnie Chase, Loranna Gray, Marci Shaffer, Mardi, Mary Palser, Mike Roberts,  Mona Houser, Pat Enders, Patricia Holsworth,  Ralph & Michelle Smith, Ray Breece, Shirley Skinner Hooten, Thomas Brown, Verne Garrison


I am certain I have missed many names that should be part of the above list… most likely due to my very clean and orderly desk <smirk> and a few computer glitches… If I have missed your name I am sorry, please accept my apology. It in no way reflects on the degree of gratitude I feel for all who have helped me!




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