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Website Awards from Connie's Family History Pages Awards from Connie's Family History Pages       Website Awards from Connie's Family History Pages

                1. Floral                                                           2. Tan                                                           3. Purple


Genealogy is a fascinating, time absorbing hobby. When coupled with the time and energy required to build a web site, the hours to create our “Labor of Love” can become quite extensive!


I have very much enjoyed receiving awards from fellow genealogists and web designers. It feels good to get a “Pat on the Back” from time to time! I decided to create my own awards to present to those websites and their creators showing appreciation of all their hard work. I will personally visit your site. Not everyone will receive my award, but most will if the following guidelines are met.


             The rules are simple but MUST be adhered to:




1.       Information presented in an easily navigated format.

2.      Appropriate use of graphics is a plus, but if they are not your own creations, credit MUST be given to the artist.

3.      Site search & site map are a bonus.

4.      Historical content, stories, photos, newspaper articles, census, records & documents etc. are a major bonus!

5.      All articles from a copyrighted source must have permission from the author or publisher. Give credit to those whom credit is due.

6.      Family photos…LOVE to see them!

7.      Family stories…LOVE to read them!

8.      Downloadable GEDCOM on site, or the ability to contact you to obtain additional information.

9.      “Last updated” or “What’s New” page a bonus!

10.   Most of all, your site will be judged on CONTENT. Give me a reason to stay and look around!




1.   NO offensive pages. It MUST be a “child safe” site.

2.  Must contain more than just links to other sites. Links are helpful but family information is what genealogists are looking for!

3.  Fancy effects are nice, but if they cause my browser to crash…no award, (I can’t review your site).


** Please e-mail me and give me your site address to review. Mention which style of award you would like to have,

1.                   Floral

2.                   Tan

3.                   Purple



Note: The tan award was created from a family photo taken on the plains of Nebraska in the late 1800’s.


The purple and floral awards show 5 generations of women in my family, from my great-great grandmother to me.

Top to bottom; Sarah Batson, Alta Robison, Blanch Anderson, My Mother Phyllis and me, Connie.


A link to my site is not required, but much appreciated. I in turn will add your site to my “Awards Presented” page. After all, genealogy is about working with others and sharing information!



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