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A note about my graphics



     I have worked many long hours to create the graphics and backgrounds used on this site. Most of the backgrounds were created from supplies at hand, (I scanned fabric, decorative wrapping paper, documents etc.) but some started with a piece of  “freeware” clip art. Taking these materials and shaping them into the final result has been a learning experience but also a “labor of love”. I appreciate the many compliments received from my fellow genealogists and those who have“surfed”in.


     Soon I will be creating a page of the backgrounds, which I am willing to share, but there are some on this site, which will not be available...


     Please do not” borrow” or save my graphics at will…If there is something you would like in particular, please send me an e-mail. I will try to work with you; in fact many of the graphics I can change to work with your color scheme.


Thank you,

     Connie Spindel


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