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May 2006 I updated my family file which you are welcome to browse by clicking on the link below. My World Connect File





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This is a photo taken Thanksgiving 1999. Shown from left to right are my daughters Kristi and Amanda, me (Connie) and my Mom (Phyllis).


 Mom passed away Jan 10, 2000, just a few months after this photo was taken.

Mom’s passing inspired me to seriously apply myself to this hobby/addiction of genealogy, which was originally instilled in me by my Grandmother Blanch and her wonderful detailed stories of our family, told to me while we browsed through the family photo album. Mom was the last of her generation and I wanted to make sure the information she and my grandmother had passed down to me would be available for future generations of our family.


Sadly I must add my daughter Amanda (shown in this photo) passed away April 15, 2006 of Melanoma Cancer. Needless to say we are greatly saddened by her passing. Amanda fought valiantly with more courage than I ever dreamed was possible. She kept a smile on her face and her faith in God at all times. Our only peace is in knowing she’s in heaven and free of the pain that plagued her here on earth. Throughout her battle she tried to make others aware of Melanoma in hopes they might never have to endure the same hardship placed upon her. Her husband Michael has started the “Amanda Faye Brown chapter of the Melanoma Education Foundation”. Please visit this website to learn how to avoid and detect Melanoma.


As is the very nature of genealogy research, armed with a bit of family history passed down through the generations you quickly realize how little you really know… then starts the never-ending quest of more information! Hence I am actively searching for more documentation and family members and will add the new information to this site on a regular basis so please check back often for updates!


If you find a mutual family member, please e-mail me.... I would love to share what information I have with you!


If you do find any errors, please let me know and I will make a correction.


I hope you can take the time to browse the other links from my home page. I have compiled a lot of information of the families mentioned here, as well as their friends and neighbors. In addition there are links for research tips, a great group of links to some of the most helpful research sites on the Internet and an extensive collection of postcards and letters from the early 1900's!!! I hope you will enjoy your visit to my site and better yet, locate a family member, or find a bit of information to help you in your search!




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