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The following websites have been presented with an award from

Connie’s Family History Pages

for outstanding achievement in preserving family history and their willingness to share their findings with others.


All sites adhere to the requirements necessary to earn this award and are interesting, informative and unique in their own right, truly deserving of praise. 


Please take the time to visit. Certainly you will be educated, entertained and just maybe you’ll find a family connection!



Nevada Skies

Robert Hill of Mason County, Kentucky

Speedy’s Family Tree

Templin Family Genealogy

Through the Years

On the Trail of Our Ancestors

From Here to Eternity

John & Ruth’s Home on the Web

Welsh Genealogy Photography

Ancestry Connections

Brown et al Family

The Gentry’s Front Porch

Our Family Story

Les racines de la Famille Huppe dit Lagroix

Ellis & Keener Connections

Leith Hutton’s Genealogy Home Page

Greene County, Arkansas

My Southern Roots

Howell Research Room

Mickey's Deans of Dorchester Website

A Look at the Past

Our Wilmoth Genealogy

My McDowell Family

Phil Harrington - UK

Jos & Betsy’s Genealogical Website

Richards Cousins

Barker and Ririe Family History Organization

Rosie’s World

Harrison Roots & Branches

My Comfy Corner

Study of the Madaris (and Variant) Surname

McPheeters Genealogy

Stephentown, New York Genealogy

Clan Anderson

Pioneer Foremothers

Gardner, Dufur, Snydergaard and Mumm

Smokey Lake History Archive

Hoey Family Genealogy Site

Rose’s Genealogy

The History of Herrick Illinois

Carmichael Family Online


Manitoulin Genealogy

Anderson Genealogy

Terry’s Texas Rangers Online Archive

Reeb Families

Civil War Burials in Montgomery Co., PA

The Kalloch Family

Julie’s Genealogy

Online Community and History of Herrick, IL.

Taylor’s of Broadsea

The Womack Files

The Genealogy Page of Anna Villarreal Garbis

Marsha’s Warrick Web

Jolley Family Genealogy

Stamboom van de familie Ides


Friends of St. Mary's Church

Sarah Rose’s Genealogy

Cemeteries of Rutherford Co., TN

Ancestors of Carole Martin (England)

German/Mennonites in Canada

Stan and Tan Genealogy

The Corner Stones To Our Family

Reeb Family Pages

Sweet Owen and Surrounding Areas

Moore Family Home Page

Graham Tree and it’s Branches

Lisa’s Genealogy Pages

Lively Family

Oklahoma Cemetery Website

The Hewitt, Alexander, Vieritz & Sarow Families in Australia

Lawrence Co.,Alabama Genealogy & Other Diggins

Riesebosch Family Tree

Bremner Family Tree

M & M Cuarterolo´s Latin American Photography 1840-1920


Hudson Family Website

UK Reunite

Serena’s Family Tree

Chris’s Genealogy Page

Garrigues family in France, Holland & the Americas

Logan County IL Genealogical & Historical Society

Rondeau Genealogy

The Beginning

Quill Spirit & Creativity

My Families Heart

Boschee Family

Doughtery, Gordon, Baer, Renz, and Vollmer

Pierce County WI WIGenWebProject

Clampett Family Centre

The Schnorrenberg Family

Genealogy Gateway

The Fenrich Family

L*shb*ugh and Conjoined Family Histories

The Henderson Family

Bob’s Family

Hicks Family in W.VA, VA, KY & IL

Hearn Family Genealogy

Maury Co., TN School Records

Cemeteries of Maury Co., TN

Richard Duprel’s History

Tracing Our Roots

Myers Family History

H*G*P*TH Surname Page

Bannisters and Kin

Gross-Steinberg Family Tree

Relatively Risener

Morgart, Morget, Morgette Genealogy






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