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No Graphics with a AOL Browser



AOL supplies a browser, which is labeled as Internet Explorer, but has a few differences automatically configured on installation.

AOL has a "compressed graphics" option that is automatically ON when you install AOL. AOL uses this to try to make graphics load faster from the web. Problem is, often this setting will not allow you to see ANY graphics on many web sites! (Even some on AOL)

This problem is easy to fix!

Go to the top tool bar on your AOL screen, and click "members". Then, "preferences", and then WWW.

 Next, click on the "graphics" tab. You will see a small box checked, and it asks if you want to use compressed graphics. UNCHECK this box!

That’s it! You may have to refresh the page you are on, but now you should be able to see the web with all its glorious graphics!

*** There might be some small variation to this depending on the version of your AOL browser. If you really get stuck, AOL does have a help site…But I’m fairly certain you can figure it out!

Here is a link to another webpage, which also explains how to correct.

Industry InsiderAOL Reprocesses and Degrades Graphics






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