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Just a note of thanks to all who have participated in the Wood Lake Powwows all these years. Sorry to say that this was the last one. We are moving on to other teachings and they will be posted on the LaSalle Council Web page later in the year. Thank You!!

A Special Thank You

Pow Wow #28, September 26, 2015: The Northern Hoop would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all that were there. We would like to thank the Head Dancers, for the wonderful job they did and for their dedication to the Pow Wow. We would also like to send our heartfelt thanks to the drum (Jon and Jeff and Joni, you were great). With out the drum the Pow Wow would not have been. We are always appreciative of seeing good friends. All the Dancers were Great and we would like to Thank them for a job well done. We would like to thank the Family and Friends that attended, with out your support and helping hands, the Pow Wow would not have been a success. We would also like to Thank all of our friends who traveled here and helped with the teaching and other things that they helped out with, we Thank You so much for your support. Thank you to Ranger George and his staff for their support and hard work at the Pow Wow, as always it was most appreciated. Thank You for making this years Pow Wow a sucessful event!!

I personally would like to Thank the Northern Hoop Members who have once again did a great job with the Pow Wow, your dedication to the group and to the Pow Wow is what made this Pow Wow one of the ones people talk about. "THANK YOU" my friends.


One of our Northern Hoop Members, who is an inspiration to the young folks, Anthony Wayne is affiliated with the Pokagon Potawatomi Tribe also a singer on the Stubby Grass Drum. We are all proud of the way that he has grown and is learning the way and his respect of the circle. There are many who could learn a lot from this young man.

She Danced

Afternoon in the meadow of Wood Lake

The sun shines from behind the clouds

A cool wind blows across the land

The music begins with the sound of the drum

Voices of the singers heard about the earth

A sacred stillness surrounds the meadow land

She sat quietly reflecting

As those around her prepare to dance

The Cannon and Lakota singers call the dancers in

She expressed a desire to dance

A borrowed shaw was placed around her shoulders

Then for the first time she stepped into the arena

With a friend by her side she took her first steps

Slow and steady she started around the arena

She danced to the slow steady beat of the drum

With a smile on her face and head held high

She made her way around one time

Then slowly walked out of the arena

As the drums beat stopped.

Poem & Photo by: Georgia A. Gill-Elkins

September 25, 2004

All rights reserved

Dedicated to Kay

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