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Matchett Family




Dedicated to my Paternal Grandmother

Mabel Alice Matchette Gill

November 28, 1910 - October 28, 1983




Memorials to Matchette's and Related Families

click on above link to see the Memorials of the people listed below:

Richard L. Matchette - 1926-2011

Betty Jean Gill Penrod - 1935-2010

Robert Lee Gill - 1937-2009

Ralph Kenneth Gill Jr. - 1929-2008

Owen S. Matchett - 1922-2002

Marie Hart - 1913-2002

Jack B. Matchett - 1916-2002

Mary Ellen Harter Matchette - 1935 - 1977

Marion Wayne Matchette - 1928 - 1993

Mary Ellen Gill Foos 1940-1992

Mabel Alice Matchette Gill 1910-1983

Thelma Louise Matchette Stuntz 1909-1982

Louis Matchette - 1902 - 1975

Lloyd Arnold Matchette 1913-1975

Myrtle Ellen Matchette - 1898 - 1968

James Warner Matchette 1883-1916

William Courtney Matchette 1857-1935

William Cowper Matchette 1821-1891

If you have other Memorials that you would like to see here for the Matchett or Related lines please send them to me and I will post them

Matchett Family Tree

From 1700-2002

(To make it easier to find the Matchett line and their families I have created a listing on the following web site)

Sharon's Family Lines



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