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Matchett Family

in Bourbon, Marshall County, Indiana

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This is the home of Alexander Matchett,in Bourbon, Indiana Another view of Alexander's Home at East North Street & Harris Street

This Photo is of Alexander Matchett


One of Alexander's Diploma's

Gravesite of Benjamiana F. Matchett who married Samuel France


Clara M. Matchett


This is a Matchett Document This building was owned by James H. Matchett it is now a Drug Store at the corner of 331 & 30 in Bourbon, IN
This Bible was most likely owned by one of Matchett family These are photo's of some of the Matchett's This Gazebo is located in downtown Bourbon, IN
This Gazebo was on the Property of James H. Matchett. at 301 North Main Street. It is now located on North & Harris Street in Bourbon, IN These homes were once owned by James H. Matchett This is the IOOF Cemetery in Bourbon, IN
These are picture of some of the surgical tools that James H. Matchett used during the Civil War.
James & Alice (Bowman) Matchett This was the home of James & Alice Matchet This was found in Bourbon and is the Family Outline This is some of the furniture that still exist today of James Matchett. (3 Pictures)
    This is a couple of Townsfolk of Bourbon and Cousin Linda of CA. Linda was visiting here to find more information on her line which comes off Samuel France and Benjamiana Matchett This is Martha Matchett she was born on Jan 4, 1855.
This Korner Kafe building was once owned by James H. Matchett. It is located at the corner of 331-30 in Bourbon, IN These plaques were found on the Library walls in Bourbon, IN This one is honoring Anna Elizabeth Matchett by her husband Sumner Marvin. Anna was born in 1884 and died in 1918 Richard O. Matchette, son of A.C. Matchette and Marie Louise C. Curran. Richard met with an untimely death in Bourbon, Indiana
Samuel France, husband of Ellen Matchett and her sister Benjamiana Matchett. Samuel was born 1827 and died 1897 This is the Sanitorium that was owned and operated by the Matchett Family. Dr. Samuel France was also a partner. This is the Sanitorium as of Sept. 2000 The next 5 pages are from a letter that was written in 1887 by James Matchett, son of John Matchett and Nancy Steele
This article is about William Matchett, Francis Reed and their family Notes found on the Matchett Family (Word Document)    


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Matchett Family

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