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Rorabaugh Family Photos

Last Updated on 25 September 2011

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John William Rorabaugh, born on the 13th of December 1874 in Iowa, was the 8th child of John Mitchel Rorabaugh. John gave this picture to his 1st child Laura Etta (Rorabaugh) Hartsog for her 18th birthday in 1914. John and his father sold a healing salve and had Rorabaw Handbills printed up 1898-1904.

Mary Ellen (Clark) Rorabaugh, wife of John Mitchell Rorabaugh
is shown here about 1913 with her daughter
Anna Carlotta (Rorabaugh) Thompson, granddaughter Bessie Thompson
and great grandson Le Roy.

The Thompson family about 1918, back row left to right are, Dennis, Bessie, Marion Anna Carlotta (Rorabaugh) Thompson, John, Edna, Sam. Seated left to right are, Elmer holding Myrtle, Frances Marion holding Le Roy.
Edna is father to Berniece's husband Bobby.

Thompson Photos Courtesy of Berniece Thompson

Laura Etta (Rorabaugh) Hartsog, with the long hair shown on your right, was born on the 2nd of September 1896 in Missouri. Laura was a grand daughter of John Mitchell Rorabaugh.
On the left is her sister Lottie and their cousin in the middle is Charlie Lovejoy.

Joseph Teter Rorabaugh, born the 31st of March 1835 in West Virginia, the 1st child of Nathan Rorabaugh is shown here with and his wife Martha (McLean). They migrated to Illinois and later to Oregon. Referance to branches of this family are found in the book,

John R. Rohrbach (Rohrabaugh) 1728-1821, Descendants and Marriage Connections

by James D. Rorabaugh.

Mary (Rorabaugh) Beach was the 3rd child of Nathan Rorabaugh, born on the 13th of July 1840 in Virginia and a sister to John Mitchell Rorabaugh.

This is a picture of Nathan Henry Rorabough and Susan Jane (Crafton).
Nathan was born 10 Oct 1849 in Barbour County, West Virginia, the 6th child of
Nathan H. Rorabough and Margaret (Mitchell).
Susan is the daughter of Samuel Crafton and Nancy Ashby.

Picture shown above is of Joseph Alfred Rorabaugh and his wife Irvia (Bennett) Joseph was the son of Nathan Henry Rorabough and Susan Jane (Crafton).

Nathan Henry and Susan (Crafton) Rorabaugh and their son Joseph's photos provided by
Melva Dene Roach, great grandaughterof Nathan Henry

Opal Helen (Perry) and her husband William Nathan Rorabaugh, born on the 22th of April 1899 in Missouri, was the 2nd child of John William Rorabaugha and sister to Laura (Rorabaugh) Hartsog.

William Leroy "Roy" Rorabaugh, born on the 26th of March 1929 in Oklahoma, was the 3rd child of William Nathan and Opal Rorabaugh.

Henry E. Rorabaugh, born on the 12th of May 1901 in Oklahoma, was the 3rd child of John William Rorabaugh and also a sister of Laura (Rorabaugh) Hartsog. Dorothy May (Darner) also shown here with her husband.

Aaron Rorabaugh, born on the 13th of July 1856 in Virginia, was the 7th child of Nathan Rorabaugh & Margaret ( Mitchell ) and a brother to John Mitchell Rorabaugh. Referance to this Missouri family are found in the book called,
"Scotland County in Retrospect".

Mary Ann (Campbell) Rorabaugh, born on the 9th of October 1854 in Missouri, was the wife of Aaron Rorabaugh.

Dave Rorabaugh, born on the 6th of February 1874 in Missouri, was the 1st child of Aaron Rorabaugh. Also shown here are his wife Lulu (Mc Elhoe) and daughter Hettie.

William Nathan Rorabaugh, born on the 5th of April 1879 in Iowa, was the son and 3rd child of Aaron Rorabaugh. Also shown here is his wife Kitty (Gundy).


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